Seth Daniels Explains Judging Behind Close Decisions at Fight to Win 164

Fight to Win 164 was topped with four high-level black belt matches, and all four ended in close decision. Perhaps in response to fan questions or criticism, Fight to Win CEO Seth Daniels detailed the judging logic behind a pair of particularly close matches at the top of the card.

First, Daniels discussed Manuel Ribamar’s split decision win over Dante Leon.

The key to Ribamar’s decision win, says Daniels, was Ribamar attacking submissions while Leon was attacking positions. Daniels also added the caveat that he personally scored the match for Leon.

Next, Daniels discussed Vagner Rocha’s main event decision win over Yuri Simoes. Daniels broke the match into halves with wrestling and ground work, noting that Rocha “appeared to be more aggressive.”

Indeed, both of the event’s top two matches were incredibly close bouts which, as Daniels points out, could have easily gone either way.

Lower on the card, Pedro Rocha used an early guillotine attempt and good defense to secure a decision win over Danaher Death Squad representative Oliver Taza. Also, Gabriel Souza won a dueling double-pull and berimbolo battle with Gianni Grippo to win a decision.

The full event results are below.

Fight to Win 164 took place on Friday, February 19. The full replay of the event is available on Flo Grappling.

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