Spyder Invitational 2019 Results

The Spyder Invitational has packed up and shut up shop for the year. After bringing the promise of two stacked tournaments to Korea, they delivered on this promise tenfold. The event went off without a hitch and champions were crowned after some excellent performances all around. Some of the more established veterans delivered as expected and some younger up-and-comers put on solid displays of what the future holds.

Nicholas Meragali’s opening match against Tim Spriggs in particular, was an amazing display of technical Jiu-Jitsu. He pulled guard almost immediately and took away Spriggs’ biggest advantage in the stand-up phase. He wasted no time in sweeping Spriggs by threatening an Omoplata and working to take the back from side control. It took less than three minutes in total for Meregali to get the finish with a collar choke.

In the -76kg bracket, Johnatha Alves put on an awesome display throughout the tournament. He started by countering our dark horse, Shaun Jamil Hill-Taylor’s, berimbolo and sinking in a rear-naked choke for the finish in under a minute for the quickest finish of the night. He followed this up with one of the closest matches of the night against Matheus Gabriel. It was constant beautiful Jiu-Jitsu back-and-forth before Gabriel won the match by a single advantage.

The -100kg champion turned out to be pretty easy to predict as Kaynan Duarte took three close decision victories against legends of the sport. He beat Leandro Lo, Rodolfo Vieira and won the rubber match with Meregali in the final to add $100,000 to his wallet and some elite wins to his record. The Spyder Invitational -76kg bracket didn’t quite go as we expected when the Australian star Levi Jones-Leary dominated Matheus Lutes en route to a close final match with Matheus Gabriel.

-76kg Tournament Full Results

Quarter Finals –
Jonatha Alves def. Jamill Hill-Taylor by RNC.
Matheus Gabriel def. Edwin Najmi by Decision (4×2 pts. 1×1 adv).
Levi Jones-Leary def. Gabriel Arges by Decision (2×2 pts).
Mateus Lutes def. Inseong Jang by Decision (2×0 pts, 1×0 adv).

Semi Finals –
Matheus Gabriel def. Jonatha Alves by Decision (2×2, 1×0 adv).
Levi Jones-Leary def. Mateus Lutes by Decision (6×0 pts)

Final –
Levi JonesLeary def. Matheus Gabriel by Decision (2×0 pts)

-100kg Tournament Full Results

Quarter Finals –
Nicholas Meregali def. Tim Spriggs by Double Collar Choke.
Erberth Santos def. Claudio Calasans by Toe Hold.
Kaynan Duarte def. Leandro Lo by Decision (0×0 pts, 2×1 adv)
Rodolfo Vieira def. Anderson Munis by Katagatame.

Semi Finals –
Nicholas Meregali def. Erberth Santos by Verbal Tap.
Kaynan Duarte def. Rodolfo Vieira by Decision (2×0).

Final –
Kaynan Duarte def. Nicholas Meregali by Decision (0×0 pts).

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