SUG 21 Results and Highlights: Mason Fowler Armbars Richie Martinez

On Sunday, Submission Underground (SUG) returned to action for the promotion’s first event of the year. The card featured SUG absolute champion Mason Fowler, fresh off a breakout year in 2020, successfully defending his title against 10th Planet representative Richie Martinez. Lower on the card, women’s champion Amanda Loewen faced UFC veteran Roxanne Modafferi, Andy Varela faced Olympic judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii, and the return of tag team jiu-jitsu.

With the exception of the night’s tag team jiu-jitsu, all matches were conducted under EBI rules with a five-minute regulation period.

Fowler grappled with uncharacteristic urgency during the five minutes of regulation submission-only action. After Martinez sat to open guard, Fowler worked patient but aggressive guard passes, eventually achieving a dominant position on Martinez. Fowler quickly threatened with a kimura that he transitioned to a straight armbar. The tap came with less than 20 seconds left in regulation as Fowler fully extended Martinez’s arm.

In the co-main event, UFC flyweight Roxanne Modafferi showed a solid top game and guard passing ability during five minutes of regulation, but ultimately succumbed to an armbar against SUG women’s champ Amanda Loewen in overtime. For Loewen, this was more of the same; she’s 7-0 in SUG action and has defeated five UFC veterans.

Here are the full SUG 21 results.

  • Mason Fowler (champion) defeated Richie Martinez via submission
  • Amanda Loewen (champion) defeated Roxanne Modafferi via submission (overtime)
  • Tag team jiu-jitsu: John and Ricky Simon defeated Michael Currier and Willie Audifre (3-0)
  • Andy Varela defeated Satoshi Ishii via escape time
  • Ilima-Lei Macfarlane defeated Jessica Eye via submission (overtime)
  • Kyle Chambers defeated Chase Davis via submission (overtime)
  • Joey McKay defeated Andrew Alexander via submission (overtime)
  • Dan Stoner defeated Phill Schwartz via escape time
  • Liz Tracy defeated Kristen Mikkelson via submission (overtime)
  • Aaron Tiegs defeated Andre Sidelinger via submission

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