SUG 26 Results and Highlights: Pedro Marinho Submitted in Main Event

Submission Underground (SUG) 26 took place on Sunday, August 15, and was headlined by a tag team jiu-jitsu match featuring accomplished competitor Pedro Marinho. In what would be a significant upset, Marinho’s Gracie Barra tag team lost, with Marinho being the only competitor to be submitted. Lower on the card, current UFC fighters Gillian Robertson and Danilo Marques each picked up victories, and former SUG title challenger Andy Varela impressed against Kevin Casey.

In the main event, team Mat Mafia, consisting of Benji Silva and Alan Sanchez, used superior tag team tactics to get the upset win over Marinho and his teammate Servando Almaraz. Using frequent tag-ins and refusing to stray far from their corner, Silva and Sanchez were able to draw Marinho into their game. The SUG tag team rules allow three seconds for a partner to switch out of a match, which in effect means that team has three seconds to double team a grappler. Mat Mafia did just this against Marinho, as Sanchez was able to secure Marinho’s back while Marinho was still dealing with Silva. Sanchez quickly sunk in a choke, earning Mat Mafia the single point needed to take the win.

In the co-main event, SUG veteran Gabriel Checco used a short choke in overtime to get the win over current UFC light heavyweight Danilo Marques. Also, UFC flyweight contenders Katlyn Chookagian and Gillian Robertson went to a battle of escape time in overtime, with Robertson winning.

And in the main card opener, 10th Planet standout Andy Varela nearly submitted UFC veteran Kevin Casey in the early moments of regulation, as he was able to quickly take Casey’s back and sink in a choke that appeared to be all the way in. Casey somehow survived, only to lose by escape time in overtime. Varela is now back in the win column after losing to Marinho by submission at SUG 25.

View the full SUG 26 results and highlights below:

  • Mat Mafia (Benji Silva, Alan Sanchez) def. Gracie Barra (Pedro Marinho, Servando Almaraz), 1-0
  • Gabriel Checco def. Danilo Marques via short choke in OT
  • Gillian Robertson def. Katlyn Chookagian via escape time in OT
  • Andy Varela def. Kevin Casey via escape time in OT

  • Zack Schneider def. Ighor Horta via escape time in OT
  • Justin Renick def. Phelan Carron via submission (arm bar)
  • Aaron Tiegs def. Kemoy Anderson via rear-naked choke in OT
  • David Gill def. Richard Foster via armbar in OT
  • Matt Ferraiolo def. Oscar De Los Santos via rear-naked choke in OT
  • Alex Larmey def. Charlie Gilpin via rear-naked choke in OT

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