SUG 28 Results and Highlights: Andy Varela Upsets Haisam Rida in Main Event

Submission Underground (SUG) 28 took place on Sunday, October 31. In the main event, former SUG title challenger Andy Varela picked up one of the biggest wins of his career when he defeated elite heavyweight Haisam Rida. Lower on the card, SUG mainstay Aaron Tiegs extended his impressive winning streak, and Cris Lencioni defeated current UFC fighter Kevin Lee.

The main event saw 10th Planet standout Andy Varela put on what might be the best performance of his SUG career. Giving up significant height and weight to Rida, much of the regulation period took place on the feet, with Varela more than holding his own against a dangerous judo artist in Rida. And in overtime, Varela made the most of his first opportunity, sinking in a rear-naked choke in just 27 seconds. Rida very nearly beat that time, fully extending Varela’s arm in an armbar, but was ultimately too late, giving Varela the win.

In the co-main event, brown belt Aaron Tiegs extended his SUG win streak to eight with a win in the gi over black belt and professional MMA veteran Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos. Tiegs controlled much of the regulation period with effective butterfly sweeps and a late, relatively deep heel hook attempt. In overtime, Tiegs safely escaped Bomba’s back control before securing a lapel choke early in the bottom of the first round to secure the win.

Formerly one half of the SUG tag team championship team, Bellator featherweight Cris Lencioni showed excellent grappling skills against the larger Kevin Lee. During regulation, Lencioni worked from his back and kept Lee on the defensive. And in overtime, Lencioni used chains of submissions and backpack-like control to rack up escape time, earning just enough to edge Lee in overtime.

View the full SUG 28 results below:

Main card:

  • Andy Varela def. Haisam Rida via submission (rear-naked choke) in OT
  • Aaron Tiegs def. Guilherme Vasconcelos via submission (lapel choke) in OT
  • Cris Lencioni def. Kevin Lee via escape time in OT
  • Julianna Miller def. Tara Larosa via escape time in OT
  • Kyle Chambers def. Tanner Weisegram via escape time in OT


  • Matt Ferraiolo def. Mikey Gonzalez via submission (face crank) in OT
  • Phelan Carron def. Morgan Matuizek via escape time in OT
  • Charlie Gilpin def. Roman Wheeler via escape time in OT
  • Reed Wallace def. Ian King via submission (triangle choke)
  • Jimmy Zeng def. Caleb Stecker via submission (heel hook)

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