Tainan Dalpra and Jonnatas Gracie Added to EUG 170-Pound Tournament

Just a few days after its first event, Evolve Ur Game (EUG) promotions has already started to announce competitors for its next event. Jonnatas Gracie and Tainan Dalpra will both participate in the EUG 170-pound tournament scheduled for June 12, the promotion has announced.

Jonnatas Gracie and Tainan Dalpra are two of the most promising young black belt competitors in the sport. Gracie is an Atos representative and black belt under Andre Galvao. He won an IBJJF world championship at blue, purple, and brown belt and has already won a European Open and no-gi Pans as a black belt. Currently, he is scheduled to face Matheus Luna at Fight to Win 170 on April 17.

Dalpra is a Guilherme Mendes black belt representing Art of Jiu-Jitsu. Like Gracie, he was an accomplished competitor at the colored belts, winning major IBJJF competitions at blue, purple, and brown belt. Already in 2021 he has won double gold at the Dallas Open and gold in his weight class at the Orlando Open.

The first EUG event, held on April 3, featured an eight-man bracket of 160-pound grapplers competing in the gi. Andy Murasaki won the tournament in his black belt debut, and immediately announced his intention to compete in the 170-pound EUG tournament.

Ben Coate

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