Team Atos wins Subversiv 4.

Team Atos took the win Saturday night (Oct 31st) at Subversiv 4. The event was held in Philadelphia and featured 16 teams with three competitors per team. There were some big names on the card including Gesias Cavalcante, Tex Johnson, Kody Steele and Elisabeth Clay. Here are the results.

Round One

Team Level Black defeats Gracie Humaita Philly (3-0)

Kody Steele defeats Zach Green via decision

William Tackett defeats Jarrod Curry via heel hook

Elisabeth Clay defeats Jacquelyn Gola via heel hook

Fight Sports defeats Gracie Barra (3-0)

Gesias Cavalcante defeats Carlos Souza via decision

Tex Johnson defeats Fellipe Trovo via decision

Tara White defeats Caitlin Cardenas via decision

Team Brave defeats 10th Planet (3-0)

Hugo Marques defeats Sergei Zack Edwards via decision

Rene Souza defeats Max Gimenis via decision

Laura Kent defeats Laurah Hallock via wrist lock

Studio 84 defeats Team Philly (2-1)

John Combs defeats Tom Cellamare via rear naked choke

Daishi Goto defeats Guitano Mione via decision

Brittney Elkin defeats Eve Isaacs via arm bar

Atos defeats Peace Makers (3-0)

Andy Murasaki defeats Dez Mcdonald via decision

Lucas Barbosa defeats Craig Mcdonald via north south choke

Rafaela guedes defeats Chrissy Biggs via arm bar

Daniel Gracie defeats Wild Card (3-0)

Dylan Royce defeats Savion Maranon via decision

Alex Myers defeats Isiah Wright via americana

Amanda Leve defeats Bailey Luttrell via rear naked choke

Checkmat defeats Team New Jersey (3-0)

Gabriel Almeida defeats Robert LeMasney via choke

Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira defeats Tim Williams via guillotine

Thamires Monteiro defeats Rachel Schonewolf via decision

Team New York defeats SAS (2-1)

Nick Ronan defeats Andrew Jared Kochel via rear naked choke

Oliver Taza defeats Kyle Myers via heel hook

Samantha Fisher defeats Fatima Kline via decision

Quarter Finals

Level Black defeats Fight Sports (2-0)

William Tackett defeats Tex Johnson via head and arm choke

Elisabeth Clay defeats Tara White via heel hook

Studio 84 defeats Team Brave (2-1)

Max Gimenes defeats Gui Mitone via decision

Brittney Elkin defeats Laurah Hallock via decision

John Combs defeats Hugo Marques via triangle

Atos defeats Daniel Gracie (2-1)

Lucas Barbosa defeats Kyle Myers via decision

Amanda Leve defeats Rafael Guedes via decision

Andy Murasaki defeats Dylan Royce via decision

Team New York defeats Checkmat (2-0)

Oliver Taza defeats Arnaldo Maidana via decision

Fatima Kline defeats Thamara Montiero via decision

Semi Finals

Level Black defeats Studio 84 (2-1)

Elisabeth Clay defeats Brittney Elkin via go-go plata

John Combs defeats Kody Steele via decision

William Tackett defeats Guitone Mione via rear naked choke

Atos defeats Team New York (2-1)

Rafaela Guedes defeats Fatima Kline via decision

Nick Ronan defeats Andy Murasaki via decision

Lucas Barbosa defeats Oliver Taza via decision

Consolation Finals

Studio 84 defeats Team New York (2-1)

John Combs defeats Nick Ronan via decision

Oliver Taza defeats Gui Mione via decision

Brittney Elkin defeats Fatima Kline via decision


Atos defeats Level Black (2-0)

Andy Muraski defeats Kody Steele via decision

Lucas Barbosa defeats William Tackett via decision

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