Technique Video: Side Control Escape Directly to Armbar

Escaping side control is rarely easy. In most cases, the grappler escaping side control is happy with simply escaping back to guard. But what if the side control escape leads directly into a submission for the bottom player? That’s even better. Check out the video below from black belts Stephan Kesting and Brandon Mullins for a slick escape from side control directly into an armbar.

The key, says Mullins, is to force the top player over the bottom player’s head, rather than just pressing the top player up. Once the bottom player has created enough space, he is able to slide his hips and legs in position for an armbar. If the top player escapes the armbar by pulling his arm out, the bottom player simply uses the opportunity to regain guard and he has completely escaped side control.

Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins is an accomplished black belt competitor. He is an IBJJF no-gi Pans champion, no-gi world champion, and European Open champion.

Ben Coate

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