The Best and Most Affordable BJJ Instructionals Available

Relative newcomer to the instructional scene Techniqly has been quietly putting out some very high quality BJJ instructionals at very reasonable prices. The instructional videos on offer include both gi and no gi, and come from the top European BJJ athletes including European IBJJF champions, Polaris veterans, the reigning Combat Jiujitsu champ and an ADCC medalist. 

The videos are very well produced with clean, crisp visuals and crystal clear audio. As an added incentive, the Masakazu Imanari instructional “Master of Leglocks” is currently completely free to anyone who signs up to an account on Techniqly. Just register and the video will be unlocked. Here we’ll take a look at some of the instructionals up for grabs:


This double-pack instructional features content from both Lauri and Elvira Karppinen. Both are black belts in the famous 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system under Eddie Bravo, but also hold black belts in regular BJJ. This no-gi video focuses on the rubber guard, and the truck position. Lauri shows his favourite movements around the truck, an important transitional and controlling position, and includes two Twister variations, submissions and positional advances. Elvira – an ADCC bronze medallist – shows off her favourite rubber guard moves with submissions, counters and setups that will add to anyone’s closed guard game. 


Chris Haueter is a legend. One of the dirty dozen (the first 12 non-Brazilians to receive their black belts), Chris has been on the mat for decades and it really shows. He has a wealth of knowledge on every single tiny position, as anyone who has attended his seminars can attest to. In this instructional (it is filmed in the gi but the principles also apply to no gi equally well) Chris talks about how to improve your closed guard. The video is part private lesson, part guard study and part instructional, the end result of which is a vastly improved closed guard for anyone who watches it. 


Tom Halpin is a relative newcomer to the elite competition scene but already has an impressive record, including quick submission wins on Polaris and an impressive run through the ADCC European trials that earned him a spot at the ADCC finals in California. Tom is also the reigning Combat Jiujitsu Featherweight champion, a tournament devised by Eddie Bravo that runs alongside his EBI event. In this no gi instructional Tom focuses on the x-guard and leglocks, two important aspects of the modern Jiu-Jitsu game that go hand in hand. He goes through sweeps and transitions that result in heel hooks, knee bars and toe holds and guides you through from the finishing mechanics back through to the starting positions with troubleshooting along the way. Highly recommended. 

There are plenty of other fantastic BJJ instructionals available on Techniqly and the honorable mentions are:

SPAGHETTI DE LA RIVA – a gi instructional from Tommi Pulkannen focusing on the De La Riva guard and associated sweeps and submissions. 

DEATH BY ARM TRIANGLE – from UK legend, no gi world champ and Braulio Estima black belt Tom Barlow that covers everything you need to know to give you a killer arm triangle.