The Health Benefits of Starting BJJ

The first time you step on the mat at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) session you will instantaneously be aware of how little the average person knows about basic self-defense and the lack of knowledge within our basic instincts. The benefits of starting bjj are not only noticeable, but they can even be life changing.

Physical Benefits

One of the first differences you will notice after you start training is how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off. BJJ creates a strong body awareness, and helps to build strength, flexibility and mobility.

BJJ teaches you how to use your body as a whole. It helps you to work out every single muscle in your body, muscles you didn’t even know existed. Improvements in mobility will be noticed during techniques and drills that at the beginning were difficult to practice, but eventually become easier. 

Due to the constant movement that occurs during BJJ, you will lose weight. Your body is undergoing intense exercise, so body fat will naturally be lost. Eventually you will notice muscle beginning to tone – all over your body.

Mental Benefits

Before any physical benefits that come from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the mental improvements are often overlooked. Your mind is constantly being stimulated when at a session whether that be from learning a move, or rolling on the mats. Your mind is constantly occupied.

You have to try to let everything sink in, whilst simultaneously acting on that information. Learning to apply the technique can be the most challenging part. In order to get it right and be able to catch the move during rolling, you must practice the move over and over. Bringing consistency, patience and resilience to be adapted more in your overall life. All as a consequence of the necessary mentality for learning BJJ.

Health Benefits Of Starting BJJ

According to Evolve MMA, “An overall improvement in health underlies extensive training in BJJ. Training in BJJ lowers cholesterol levels, increases endorphin production, normalizes insulin and blood sugar levels, improves the respiratory system, and just enhances an individual’s health on all fronts.”

BJJ is also a great stress relief, which is good for your mental health. After a long day at work or school, you can walk into the gym, and everything disappears.

The last thing you want to think about when someone is trying to kimura or choke you is your bad day. The sport requires focus – a lot of it. When your coach is showing technique, if you’re not paying full attention you could miss a key detail.

Not only is BJJ good for the mind and the outer body, but also the inner body. The benefits of BJJ most definitely counter any possible disadvantages. Could this sport give you any more reasons to step on to the mats?!

Lucy Wynne

BJJ Purple Belt living in London, England. I began training BJJ back in 2017, when I was at university, and have trained ever since. #OSS Instagram: @journowynne

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