The Right Way to Get “Old Man Strength”

“When you are 80, 90…you won’t be able to do your Cartwheel Passes…that’s what they want you to believe,” says Gustavo Gasperin.

Gustavo Gasperin is a black belt under Fabricio Werdum and Bachelor of Physical Education. “What’s the point of slowing down right now? Its only going to make it worse when you are older.”

In this video, Professor Gustavo talks about his opinion of the trending view that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners should avoid or limit reliance on athletic mobility and agility in training, instead opting for a slower and steadier style. This thinking is based on the rationale that, once you are older, you would be unable to perform the same athletic feats. Therefore, getting used to relying on athleticism while you are young can harm your Jiu Jitsu game later in life.

Professor Gustavo disagrees. He says that, despite perhaps not being able to move in your 50’s and 60’s the way you move in your 20’s, pushing yourself more in your younger days is likely to ensure you stay more fit and have higher mobility when you are older than if you were to start taking it easy early on. On top of that, you don’t have to be concerned with having to drastically change your game due to a diminished physical ability in your later Jiu Jitsu years. This change is likely to take place gradually, and by that time, you will have years of solid experience behind you, meaning you shouldn’t have much trouble adjusting your style little by little, as the need arises.

The full 7 minute video (above) gives a more detailed discussion, as well as some colorful metaphors.