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Get a look at the Tap, Nap, And Snap Newsletter, which takes a fun, weekly look at all things BJJ.

Beyond the news, interviews, and analysis you can find here at Grappling Insider, there exists a weekly newsletter that takes an often humourous look at the world of BJJ.

The Tap, Nap, And Snap Newsletter offers much more than just BJJ news, featuring tips on technique, weekly polls, advice on health and wellness for grapplers, and plenty of BJJ memes.

In the authors’ own words, the newsletter is designed to “keep you up-to-date on all the events, results, drama (#endless) and stories (new & old) from the grappling world, as well as dish out some epic rewards to those who want to get involved.” And, with a heavy dose of memes and humor involved, they promise to “run it light, ludicrous and heavily sarcastic.

With that said, below is an excerpt from the most recent Tap, Nap, And Snap Newsletter. If you like what you see and want to subscribe, go here.

This Weeks Tap’s ✋, Nap’s 🥱 & Snap’s

We hear you. Time is money 💰 – you want your BJJ news but you’ve got sh*t to do 📝 … those training partners won’t tap themselves.
Let’s get it 👇
1.) WNO 24 GIVES US AN EARLY LOOK 👀: … at some potential ADCC match-ups that might play out – potentially making and breaking some athletes’ confidence 😎 😳 
Two of the ADCC Men’s -66kg divisions’ top contenders – Diego ‘Pato’ Oliveira & Fabricio Andrey will square off for the featherweight belt while the -77kg ADCC Trials winners Elijah Dorsey & Jozef Chen get a chance to test each other before the big game! 🏈 
Outside of the ADCC angle, the other matchups on this card could make it one of the best WNO cards yet 🔥 → more here.
2.) RUOTOLO’S 🤝 MIGHTY MOUSE: … with Kade’s transition to MMA just around the corner and DJ’s stronger focus on BJJ now taking centre stage – it looks like some ‘note-swapping’ is underway.
As some of the nicest guys in their respective lanes – and some of the deadliest to boot 🥾, it’s no real surprise to see this link-up take place.
But it’s cool nonetheless 😎 → more here. 
3.) CHEWY GIVES SOMETHING TO CHEW ON: … if you’re finding it difficult to stick to a solid BJJ training schedule 🗓
Whether it’s a high-stakes job 💼, a newborn baby 👶 or simply a dodgy car that won’t start on cold mornings 🚙 – there are many scenarios in the hobbyist’s life where we can’t quite get as many sessions in as we’d like.
It can feel like we are stalling in these times, or even going backwards 😬, but Chewy’s got a few great suggestions to help you stay on track and control what you can 💪 → more here.
The Quick Hitters
ADCC vs. BDCC – the Craig & Mo beef continues🍿 
All you need to know about ‘The Smashing Machine’🔨 
Kaynan has copped a few surprise L’s lately

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