Third Coast Grappling 8: The Underdogs Full Grand Prix Line-Up and Betting Odds

On Saturday, October 23, Third Coast Grappling (3CG) will return to action with the promotion’s eighth event. Like previous 3CG events, 3CG 8: The Underdogs will feature a one-night grand prix with a number of elite grapplers. This event will be different, however, in that the grand prix will be a 16-man tournament with eight established elite competitors and eight of the best local, undiscovered grapplers (the “underdogs”). The first round of the tournament will be established competitors against local competitors.

View the 3CG 8: The Underdogs grand prix bracket, full card line-up and betting odds below.

As expected, most of the established competitors are favored in their first-round matches against local talent. There are a pair of exceptions, though. Accomplished amateur wrestler Pat Downey, still very new to submission grappling but competing in his second 3CG event, is a small underdog against former Penn State wrestler and recent blue belt no-gi world champion Geno Morelli. Also, Estevan Martinez, AKA the “Giant Slayer,” is a moderate underdog to Gustavo Dantas black belt Aaron Wilson. Wilson is an active no-gi competitor and a veteran of a variety of high-level submission-only competitions, and will hold a significant size advantage over roosterweight Martinez.

Unity Jiu-Jitsu’s Jeferson Guaresi is favored to win the tournament, and for good reason. He is a 2021 no-gi Pans and World champion, and a 2019 no-gi European Open champion. He can look forward to a potential quarterfinal match against former Submission Underground title challenger Andy Varela, and a potential semifinal match against recent ADCC European trials winner Oliver Taza.

On the other side of the bracket sits Renato Canuto. One of the most entertaining competitors on the scene, Canuto is known for his flying armbars, cartwheel guard passes, and a high-paced style that suits itself to one-night tournaments. If both he and Martinez win their first-round matches, they’ll square off in what would be an early favorite for match of the night.

The winner of the grand prix will take home $10,000 cash.

How to watch: Third Coast Grappling 8: The Underdogs takes place on Saturday, October 23 and will air live on Fite TV pay-per-view.

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