Third Coast Grappling Challenges Skeptics

Third Coast Grappling‘s president Ryan McGuire has a challenge for people who think sport jiu jitsu is “boring” or “lame”: premium VIP tickets (worth $50 apiece). No word yet if the offer includes the cost of unlimited Saloon Door Brewery beer. Unlimited Saloon Door Brewery beer has been included with the purchase of Third Coast Grappling VIP tickets in the past.

The upcoming Third Coast Grappling event, Kumite V, is scheduled for August 8th. This event is as stacked. Competing at Kumite V will be 3CG frequent flyers: Roberto Jimenez, Renato Canuto, Jonnatas Gracie, Tye Ruotolo, Oliver Taza, Vitor Oliveira, Hugo Marques, and Johnny Tama. Kumite V will be an eight man, 170 lb and below, no gi tournament with $10,000 up up for grabs.

“If you have been to other grappling events and found yourself playing with your phone more than watching the “action” on stage…We have a deal for you.
If you wrote Sport Grappling off as “boring” or “lame” We will give you VIP tickets and premium seats for the chance to change your mind.
Message me or email [email protected] and we will get you squared away.
If we fail to change your mind we will give you the value back right out of our own pockets for wasting your time.”

Third Coast Grappling’s president Ryan McGuire posed a challenge to people who think grappling matches are boring

Aside from the main event there will also be superfights and kids matches. As of today the full line-up has yet to be released. However, we do know the event will begin at 5:30 pm. Kumite V will be held at the same location as the previous Third Coast Grappling events: The Sanctuary Gym in Friendswood.

It goes without saying that going “live in the time of corona” (get it, like “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Gar… nevermind) entails some risk on both 3CG and the spectators’ part. However, Third Coast Grappling is doing their best to mitigate unnecessary risks. All the competitors and Third Coast Grappling staff will be tested prior to the event. Also, upon entering the venue 3CG staff will check the attendees‘ temperatures, supply masks and have attendees sign a waiver. Once one has entered the venue wearing a mask will be required at all times except when eating/drinking.

Check back soon for the official Grappling Insider event preview where we will provide in depth analysis of the Kumite V competitors and their first round matchups.

Jeff Liwag

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