UFC Fightpass Invitational Results and Highlights

The inaugural UFC Fightpass Invitational took place on Thursday, December 16. The event featured a four-team submission-only tournament that included a number of former and current MMA fighters, as well as some accomplished jiu-jitsu competitors. In addition to the Quintet-style team competition, the card also showcased several high-level superfights.

Each match, whether a superfight or part of the team tournament, was an 8-minute submission-only match. In the team competition, in the event of a draw, both competitors leave the mat; if there is a winner, that winner stays on the mat to compete against the opposing team’s next grappler.

Team LFA was the favorite going into the team competition, and for good reason; the squad included ADCC champion Davi Ramos and IBJJF world champions Rafael Lovato Jr. and Ary Farias. Just one submission was needed for Team LFA to capture the $25,000 in prize money, first defeating Team FAC on the strength of a Gregory Rodrigues armbar, then defeating Team Fury FC by judges’ decision.

Elsewhere on the card, former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson earned a clear-cut decision over 10th Planet black belt Ben Saunders, and Alexa Yanes earned an upset win over perennial top competitor Danielle Kelly.

Full UFC Fightpass Invitational 1 results and highlights:

Team tournament finals

Team LFA def. Team Fury FC via unanimous decision

  • Gregory Rodrigues (LFA) vs. Kody Steele (Fury FC) – Draw
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (LFA) vs. Travis Tooke (Fury FC) – Draw
  • Davi Ramos (LFA) vs. Daniel Pineda (Fury FC) – Draw
  • Ary Farias (LFA) vs. Ricardo Evangelista (Fury FC) – Draw


  • Benson Henderson def. Ben Saunders via unanimous decision
  • Alexa Yanes def. Danielle Kelly via split decision
  • Shane Shapiro def. Bobby Green via submission (kneebar)

Team tournament semifinals

Team LFA def. Team CFFC (1-0)

  • Davi Ramos (LFA) vs. Anton Berzin (CFFC) – Draw
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (LFA) vs. Jonathan Piersma (CFFC) – Draw
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (LFA) def. Mike Wilcox (CFFC) via submission (rear-naked choke)
  • Gregory Rodrigues (LFA) vs. Joe Solecki (CFFC) – Draw

Team Fury FC def. Team FAC (1-0)

  • Ricardo Evangelista (Fury FC) def. James Krause (FAC) via submission (reverse armbar)
  • Daniel Pineda (Fury FC) vs. Grant Dawson (FAC) – Draw
  • Travis Tooke (Fury FC) vs. Mikey England (FAC) – Draw
  • Kody Steele (Fury FC) vs. Jason High (FAC) – Draw


  • Brenadan Allen def. Gabriel Checco via unanimous decision
  • Christian Guzman def. Jerry Shapiro via unanimous decision

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