Ultimate F2W 149 Results

Fight 2 Win 149 wrapped up on Friday, Aug. 14. The card was wild, with three high level match-ups on the main card, two of them title fights. The night showed some amazing talent and lots of submissions, as the Fight 2 Win ruleset encourages the action by not scoring points. Here’s a quick recap.

There are two big takeaways. The first is that high level grappling mixed with submission oriented rulesets make for amazing fights. The second is that Keenan Cornelius’ team, Legion AJJ, is on fire right now with eight athletes on the card going 7-1 overall. The sad part is that we didn’t see the lapel master himself compete. Cornelius was scheduled to fight Gabriel Almeida in the main event, but withdrew because of injury.

Main Event

Almeida wins against Manuel Ribamar. We’ve already covered what happened with the original main event between Almeida and Cornelius, but Ribamar stepping in on two day’s notice saved the day. This match was interesting because Almeida had been preparing to fight Cornelius, the lapel guard master. So Ribamar also played lapel guard from bottom.

The result was a back-and-forth match that saw both athletes using the full stretch of their games. They had to attack and defend through bad positions. There was one restart that seemed pretty unfair to Ribamar. ‘Riba’ established a strong passing position and got restart from the feet that didn’t seem quite right. Other than that, the match had a little bit of everything. There were stand-up exchanges, guard play and even some 50/50 action.

Luiza Monteiro gets her revenge

In the co-main event, we saw a rematch from Fight 2 Win 117 between Luiza Monteiro and Jena Bishop. Bishop came out on top in their first match, winning by judges’ decision. This time Monteiro dominated from start to finish. She submitted Bishop with a collar strangle from the back. The results wouldn’t be complete without going into a deep dive into this match.

It started when Monteiro pulled guard and immediately hit a sweep. The sweep was caused more by negligence from Bishop, who let Monteiro enter the De La Riva guard and simply sit down. This was a questionable decision. Monteiro is a fierce passer and tore through Bishop’s half-guard straight to mount. Bishop defended, but that seemed to set the tone of the match.

On a second opportunity, Monteiro forced a strong reaction by entering a knee cut position. She jumped over to the back as soon as Bishop turned to defend. From there it was straight-up back ride for Monteiro. She viciously attacked an arm-in ezequiel and then transitioned into the collar strangle to take the win. She earned her revenge and is 1-1 with Bishop.

The lackluster match of the evening

A F2W 149 results post couldn’t end without referring to the title match between Edwin ‘Junny’ Ocasio and Lucas Pinheiro. The match had something unique. There was a ton of movement, but nothing actually happened. The bout played out as we thought, with Ocasio pulling guard immediately and Pinheiro playing top.

The problem was that there was no actual engagement. Ocasio tried to establish his guard to set up a leglock entry. Pinheiro tried to pass on the feet and used lots of side-to-side movement, but didn’t actually push forward to pass. I think both are guilty here. Ocasio could have stood and tried to enter the legs from standing and Pinheiro could have risked a little more and actually try to pass.

Legion keeps the ball rolling

The Legion AJJ crew dominated, going 7-1 overall. Even without Cornelius, they wracked up wins, with 25 percent by submission, as Conner Deangelis and Jacob Kassman secured subs. This is a big statement for the newly created team, which was developed with the premise of a fighter house to support a strong competition team.

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