Vagner Rocha Demonstrates His Famous Python Trap

Vagner Rocha has always been known as a particularly brutal grappler but after a recent finish using what he calls the Python Trap, that reputation was enhanced tenfold. The Python Trap is a choke from the back, finished by slowly establishing control over your opponent’s arms until they have nothing left to defend themselves from the relatively simply finish. It starts with locking one arm in place with your leg, then controlling the other arm with your same-side hand, finally allowing you to smother your opponent with your free hand, securing the tap.

Vagner Rocha is a veteran MMA fighter with a 14-4 record and a relatively short time spent in the UFC, where he went 1-3 against some tough opposition, like Donald Cerrone. While his MMA career might never have reached the full potential he has, his grappling career has been nothing short of excellent with three gold medals at the ADCC North American Trials and a Combat Jiu Jitsu World Championship Title.

As a 37-year old 3rd degree black belt in BJJ, Rocha puts just as much time into teaching as he does into competing these days, maybe even more so. Not only has Vagner Rocha Martial Arts started to generate some good quality grapplers under his guidance, but Rocha’s own children, Jasmine and Achilles, have started to turn into fearsome grapplers in their own right and both look like ones to watch for the future.

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Vagner Rocha Python Choke

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