VIDEO: BJ Penn Involved in Second Bar Brawl This Year.

EDIT: We’ve posted a new article with a new video that has emerged showing BJ knocked out in a separate altercation, earlier in the evening.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion and UFC hall of famer BJ Penn was involved in yet another brawl in Hawaii, mounting a man and raining down punches on his head. 

The incident, first reported by TMZ, occurred at Lava Shack on Hawaii’s big island, with the fight ending up on the ground with Penn in a smashed back mount position with both hooks in, landing multiple clean blows to the head of the other man.

This isn’t the first time the former UFC champion has become involved in street fights, having got into another fight with a strip club bouncer in June that spilled out onto the street, in which the police were called. 

According to TMZ, it does not appear that Penn was arrested or charged with a crime, despite security in the bar having to intervene to put a stop to the brawl. 

Penn is currently set to return to the UFC next against Nik Lentz, presumably at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi, in a match that Dana White has said will be his “last fight… win, lose or draw”, given his current seven fight losing streak. Dana White had previously declared that Penn’s previous loss to Clay Guida would be his last fight in the UFC.