Video: Craig Jones Shows Key Grips to Stop Leg Locks in 50/50

Craig Jones might be the best leg locker in all of grappling. But his ability to attack the legs, and specifically heel hooks, is often only as good as his ability to defend against leg locks at the same time. In a recent video with Bernardo Faria, Jones demonstrates how he stays safe from leg locks in one of the most dangerous positions — the 50/50.

The obvious problem with the 50/50 position is, as the name implies, both grapplers are in an equal position. And as Jones explains in the video above, when one grappler chooses to come on top, he exposes his leg and heel to leg locks. To prevent those attacks, Jones demonstrates a pair of grips that have the same effect of stopping his opponent’s ability to turn toward his leg. With one simple grip, Jones is able to shut down his opponent’s attacks from the 50/50.

A member of the Danaher Death Squad, Jones is an elite submission-only and no-gi competitor with a specialty in leg locks. He last competed at a Who’s Number One event in February when he submitted Ronaldo Junior. He is scheduled for a return to action on April 30 at another Who’s Number One event when he will face Tye Ruotolo.

Ben Coate

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