Video: John Danaher Demonstrates the First Line of Defense Against Kimuras

John Danaher is widely regarded as one of, if not the best jiu-jitsu instructor and coach in the world. That reputation is for good reason; he expertly explains jiu-jitsu concepts and strategies from the fundamentals all the way to the most advanced and complex positions in grappling. Recently, Danaher released his “New Wave Jiu Jitsu, A New Philosophy of Submission Escapes” instructional on BJJ Fanatics. Watch the video below on defending the kimura for a taste of this new instructional.

As Danaher explains, kimura defense starts with defending the wrists. And because a single grip on the wrist can only afford so much control, escaping the wrist is a relatively easy task, one just has to be vigilant and active the moment a wrist is grabbed.

John Danaher is the head coach and namesake of the famed Danaher Death Squad. He is credited with guiding numerous professional grapplers to the top of competitive jiu-jitsu, including two-time ADCC champion Gordon Ryan, current undefeated MMA fighter Garry Tonon, ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones, and the youngest-ever ADCC competitor, Nicky Ryan, among others. The team is looking to have a good showing at Who’s Number One on May 28, where Jones, Oliver Taza, and Damien Anderson are all competing.

Ben Coate

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