Video: Learn Andrew Wiltse’s Signature Knee Slice Pass

Pedigo Submission Fighting (AKA Daisy Fresh) black belt Andrew Wiltse is rapidly becoming one of the best guard passers in the elite competition scene. Known for his “buzzsaw” guard passing in both the gi and no-gi, Wiltse specializes in relentlessly working his way through the guard, moving side to side and chaining passing techniques together as his opponent tries to defend. Perhaps Wiltse’s best passing technique is the knee slice; watch Wiltse detail how he performs this pass in the video below.

Wiltse’s knee slice pass is not a slow, pressuring pass. Rather, it is an explosive movement. Wiltse leads with his hips as he slides his knee through the guard and to the mat as quickly as possible. Importantly, although Wiltse doesn’t focus on pinning his opponent’s upper body, he still makes sure to capture an underhook as he passes to avoid any scrambles. Wiltse also demonstrates a variety of situations in which he looks to hit the knee slice pass, such as in the shin-to-shin position, or when his opponent enters the single leg X.

The top competitor out of Daisy Fresh, Andrew Wiltse was a 2020 no-gi Pans champion in what was his first major tournament as a black belt. He is undefeated in submission-only Who’s Number One competition this year with wins over PJ Barch, David Garmo, and Gabriel Almeida. Wiltse is scheduled to face Roberto Jimenez next month at The Road to ADCC.

Ben Coate

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