Video: Rubens ‘Corbrinha’ Charles Teaches 10 Minutes of Drills and Stretching With Jiu-Jitsu Belt

Any jiu-jitsu practitioner that has spent any amount of time on the mat knows that mobility and flexibility are two of the most important physical attributes to develop for grappling. And while regular sparring, drilling, and stretching during class can certainly help, grapplers looking for an edge will do mobility work and drilling on their own time. In a recent video, jiu-jitsu legend Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles shares a 10-minute drilling and stretching routine, and all you need is your jiu-jitsu belt.

In the video above, we see Cobrinha using his belt to simulate specific jiu-jitsu techniques and positions, such as the combat base, spider/de la riva guard, triangles, as well as movements to strengthen your core and increase flexibility in your legs and hips.

Jiu-jitsu practitioners would be wise to follow Cobrinha’s lead; he is a legendary figure in the sport. Cobrinha’s first major accomplishment as a black belt came in 2006 when he won an IBJJF world championship. He would win the Worlds four more times, from 2007 to 2009 and again in 2017. Cobrinha is also a four-time no-gi world champion, a four-time Pans champion, and a three-time ADCC champion. He holds notable wins over top grapplers such as AJ AgazarmPaulo MiyaoGianni GrippoRafael MendesWellington “Megaton” Dias, and many more.

Cobrinha is also the father to one of jiu-jitsu’s top current black belt competitors, Kennedy Maciel.

Ben Coate

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