Video: Watch the First and Second Heel Hooks in IBJJF History

As Bob Dylan would say, the times they are a-changing. Late last year, the IBJJF announced major changes to its leg reaping and heel hooking rules for brown and black belt no-gi competitors. Those rules were in full effect over the weekend at the Dallas Open, as black belt Stanley Rosa secured the first-ever IBJJF-legal heel hook, and Oliver Taza secured the second.

Check out Rosa’s handiwork in the video below.

For many, changes to the IBJJF rules were long overdue. By permitting leg reaping and heel hooks in competition, the IBJJF has brought itself up-to-date with the modern no-gi jiu-jitsu metagame that is largely dominated by leg locks. The rules only pertain to brown and black belt adult no-gi divisions; all other divisions remain under the same ruleset with respect to leg reaping.

A Team Renzo Gracie representative, Rosa was the first to secure a heel hook victory in IBJJF competition. The second-ever IBJJF heel hook goes to Danaher Death Squad member Oliver Taza.

Watch Taza’s heel hook finish in the video below.

Ben Coate

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