Watch High School Wrestling Champion Body Slam Kidnapper

The remarkable act of heroism happened early on Thursday morning at around 9am, at Chucky’s Gas Station on Thorpe Road in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The wrestling champion in question, Canaan Bower, was minding his own business and filling up his car when a kidnapper made his move. Despite being only 16 years old, he didn’t let that stop him from jumping into action the moment he heard children screaming.

A Greyhound bus had just stopped nearby and dropped off a woman with her three year old child and baby, when a man in his 20’s made an attempt to kidnap both the baby and young child. Bower then ran straight into Chucky’s gas station where the kidnapper had gone with the two children. The Gas Station attendant said that several people had tried to help and stop the man by confronting him, hitting him with a broom and throwing products at him but sadly with little effect.

The man had lashed out at the customers trying to stop him from kidnapping the children and there was blood around the gas station. This is when Bower leapt into action. He got a hold of the suspect and immediately slammed him to the floor, pinning him and controlling him to prevent his escape. He managed to keep this up for around five minutes while he waited for the police to arrive and arrest the suspect.

In the below video you can see the young athlete use his wrestling ability to handle the kidnapper with ease. The teenager recently came first for Mayfield High School in the district wrestling championship and showed just how valuable a combat sports background can be in times of need.

Alex Lindsey

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