WATCH: The Official ADCC 2019 Highlight

Stuart Cooper, renown BJJ filmmaker, has just released the official highlight of the 2019 ADCC tournament. With his typical high production value, he perfectly captures the excitement of the event. He has all the skill of a seasoned filmmaker along with the passion and understanding of a true fan.

In this highlight he includes some of the best moments and captures the key narratives of the tournament. Gordon Ryan’s dominance, Nick Rodriguez’s breakout success, Lachlan Giles’ david and goliath moments and more. If you want to get pumped up way too far in advance of ADCC returning to the USA in 2021, watch this highlight.

best of adcc
Source: FloGrappling Instagram

Garry Tonon also features heavily in the official video, unsurprising as he took part in one of the most exciting matches of the whole tournament when he took on Renato Canuto. Alongside the DDS members who stamped their names all over this tournament, you also had Andre Galvao becoming the first person to win the traditional ADCC superfight four consecutive times. This sets up every fan’s dream in 2021 as Galvao should be set to take on Gordon Ryan in his fifth superfight.

To hear more about Stuart’s fascinating personal journey and how he ended up as the top BJJ filmmaker with the opportunity to produce the official ADCC 2019 highlight, check out his appearance on the Matburn Podcast.

Also, for our BJJ practitioners, Keenan’s Lapel Guard deal has been extended past Black Friday.