Who’s Next: 165-pound Andrew Tackett submits heavyweight “Big” Dan Manasoiu

If size does really matter, don’t let Andrew Tackett know. On the most recent episode of FloGrappling’s new competition reality show “Who’s Next,” the 165-pound Tackett faced and submitted recent ADCC qualifier “Big” Dan Manasoiu. Manasoiu came into the match at a whopping 6’7″ and 275 pounds.

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What makes Tackett’s win even more notable is the fact that he picked the match-up for himself. Earlier in the day, Tackett had been the star of his team — led by Craig Jones — in a team challenge that involved wrestling steers to the ground. Tackett was the only competitor able to flip a steer heels-over-head, giving his team the ability to pick the next match in the competition.

“I’ve taken out one bull today, I can take out another,” said Tackett.

Prior to the match, we see Jones coaching Tackett on how to deal with the massive size discrepancy. Jones advises Tackett to extend the match, talk trash, and generally wear out and frustrate Manasoiu. Coached by current Who’s Number One heavyweight champion Tim Spriggs, Manasoiu is confident in his technique and leg attacks.

Tackett would do just that, pushing on Manasoiu’s face, clubbing the back of his head, and generally taunting the stone-faced Manasoiu. After surviving a straight ankle lock attempt, Tackett was eventually able to secure Manasoiu’s back and earn the tap from a rear-naked choke after nearly nine minutes.

The younger brother to ADCC qualifier William Tackett, Andrew Tackett is one of grappling’s fastest-rising stars. Other than “Who’s Next,” fans may know him from his entertaining performances at the ADCC West Coast Trials where he reached the semifinals. With the win over Manasoiu, Tackett advances to the semifinals of the eight-man tournament.

Manasoiu is a main training partner of Gordon Ryan, and most recently won the second ADCC European Trials.

Tackett’s win puts Team Jones ahead of Team Spriggs by a score of 2-0.

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