Who’s Next episode 6 results and recap: The final is set

On Wednesday, FloGrappling aired the finale of its new competition reality show “Who’s Next.” On the show, up-and-coming grapplers compete in team challenges and no-time limit submission-only matches for a chance at a $10,000 cash prize and a contract with Who’s Next. Watch the episode for free here.

The show’s final episode featured a go-cart race team challenge and the two semifinal matches, setting the stage for the “Who’s Next” final, scheduled for July’s Who’s Number One event. Warning: spoilers below.

After we see Mike Rakshan absolutely trashing the “Who’s Next” house in the guise of a prank, we are off to the team challenge. This week, it’s go-carts. Tim Spriggs and his red team are confident, but the blue team’s Izaak Michell is the fastest driver by a wide margin, and his teammate Andrew Tackett is happy to wreck the competition. Michell wins first place, giving the blue team another team victory.

Blue team coach Craig Jones picks the semifinal match-ups, and he goes with Andrew Tackett vs. Kyle Chambers, and Izaak Michell vs. Jansen Gomes. All four competitors prepare for their matches, with Chambers ready for a very cagey Tackett and Michell nursing a rib injury.

Show host Hollywood Mike treats the blue team to a steak dinner — their prize for winning the previous show’s team challenge. Back at the house, the red team feasts on Panda Express delivery and Adam Bradley slams a Fat Tire beer.

Next up, the matches.

In the first semifinal, Chambers and Tackett engage in a 90-minute, back-and-forth battle that might be the best overall match of the season. As Craig Jones predicted earlier in the show, Tackett is able to take Chambers’ back relatively early in the match. But Chambers’ 10th Planet-trained submission defense is on point and he escapes. For the next hour-plus, the pair trade positions with Chambers looking to attack the legs while Tackett counters with attempted back-takes.

At just over 90 minutes into the match, Tackett finds himself behind Chambers on the feet. Chambers drops and rolls for a kneebar, is able to clear Tackett’s defense and secure a kneebar finish, sending him to the final.

Next, Michell and Gomes meet in a battle of number-one picks. As expected, Michell hunts the legs early and often. Gomes’ defense holds up well, but only for so long. Just under 10 minutes into the match, Michell attaches to an inside heel hook from 50/50. Gomes rolls to defend, but is forced to tap after his ankle pops.

The “Who’s Next” final is now set: The red team’s Kyle Chambers (10th Planet) will face the blue team’s Izaak Michell (B-Team).

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