Who’s Number One 6: Craig Jones Tries Out His Portuguese to Talk Trash to Ronaldo Junior

In less than a week, Craig Jones will face Ronaldo Junior in the main event of Who’s Number One 6. It is one of the most anticipated matches of 2021 and will only strengthen the growing rivalry between the Danaher Death Squad and Team Atos. In a recent video from Flo Grappling, Jones tried out his Portuguese to talk a little trash to his opponent.

Unlike his DDS teammate Gordon Ryan, Jones is typically soft-spoken, self-deprecating, and tries to find humor when he can. We see him doing exactly that here, as he’s saying “Watch me as I strangle Ronaldo” in the best Portuguese he can muster.

Although he’s confident he’ll defeat Junior, Jones does have some nice things to say about Team Atos’ Ronaldo Junior.

“He is very exciting… I would say he’s very athletic… This guy is quick, he moves well. But in terms of his pure no-gi game, I really don’t know a lot,” Jones said.

“From what I’ve seen with his athleticism, I believe he’s going to really come after me and try to pass,” Jones said. “Like I believe that he hasn’t taken this match to try to edge out a victory… He’s going to try to dominate me and go for a finish, so that’s what excites me.”

Jones also touched on the DDS vs. Team Atos rivalry, noting that he plays in important role in that. At the heart of that rivalry is a years-long feud between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao. Both Jones and Junior are top competitors from each team, and no matter the outcome, the team rivalry will remain hot.

Serving as a replacement for his injured younger brother Nicky, Gordon Ryan will also be competing on the card as he is set to face Roberto Jimenez.

Who’s Number One 6 takes place on Friday, February 26 and will air live on Flo Grappling.

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