Will Conor McGregor Fight Luke Keeler This December?

Reports surfaced today that Conor McGregor is “in talks” with Luke Keeler regarding a boxing match to take place in Dublin on December 14th. The report from The Sun confirmed that McGregor and Keeler had a phone argument back in August, with both of the fighters agreeing to a grudge match.

Yesterday, Conor tweeted a cryptic message: “Dublin, December 14th”. This message fueled more speculation about a return for McGregor.

This tweet led to many questions – would McGregor be gearing up for a fight on that date? Could this be the potential boxing match with Luke Keeler? Could the scheduled UFC event be moving from Las Vegas to Dublin? So far there is no answer.

After Keeler was approached for comment today, he confirmed that “talks have been taking place“, but he also gave a glib quote that seems to throw a wet blanket on the whole affair: “There is more chance of him going to prison or rehab than fighting me, but you never know”.

There is more chance of him going to prison or rehab than fighting me, but you never know.

Luke Keeler

Keeler went on to say “No, seriously, there have been talks but the team decided to focus on a world title fight as it’s close to being agreed. I honestly don’t think he is in any position to fight anytime soon. I’ll pick up the world title and he can get himself right. When they both happen there will be more chance of it happening. I’m focusing on my own end of things now. “

The potential for the fight started with McGregor’s assault video that was released in August. After the video went viral, Luke Keeler called McGregor out for being a “bully”:

McGregor has always been seemingly embroiled in controversy, but this year the fighter seems to have kicked it up a notch, staying in headlines despite not having fought for over a year.

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