WNO Ryan vs Diniz: Full Card Play By Play.

WNO Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz featured eight bouts Friday night, Oct 2nd. The card was streamed live on FloGrappling. Below is the results and the play by play action of each match.

William Tackett vs Jason Rau

Jason Rau immediately pulls guard. He uses an open guard to hunt for leg entanglements. He is switching very smoothly from Reverse De Le Riva (DLR) to a reverse De La Riva (RDLR). Tackett is maintaining good posture and methodically tries to pass. Rau hit a nice sweep and now it is Tackett on bottom. Tackett works back to his feet and takes Rau down. Tackett passes Rau’s guard and locks in a triangle choke with the lock on the ‘irregular’ side forcing Rau to tap out.

William Tackett defeats Jason Rau via triangle choke.

Tony Ramos vs Nicky Ryan

Nicky Ryan sits to his guard and moves forward on his butt. Tony Ramos drops down to his knees and Ryan elevates him using a butterfly guard. He quickly locks in a single leg x and when Ramos tries to turn away Ryan switches to an outside ashi and submits Ramos via heel hook in under 30 seconds.

Nicky Ryan defeats Tony Ramos via heel hook.

Nathalie Ribeiro vs Luiza Monteiro

Luiza Monteiro pulls guard and is working from a RDLR. Monteiro looks for an armbar from bottom but can’t find it. She is switching from DLR to RDLR. Monteiro tries for a guillotine but misses. Both are up to their feet now. Monteiro pulls guard again and looks to set up a leg attack. She worked her way to a 50/50 guard and now it is Ribeiro who is attacking a toe hold. Both women escape and scramble to their feet.

Monteiro sits to her butt and is working from a Z-guard. Ribeiro is trying to pass and she almost gets it. Monteiro goes for a leg lock and misses and now Ribeiro passes her guard and almost mounts. Monteiro regains guard and now both are looking for ankle locks inside a 50/50 position. They go out of bounds and are reset to their feet.

Monteiro pulls guard again and inverts to a leg entanglement. She gets to 50/50 again. Both are looking for leg locks. They scramble to their feet.  

Monteiro pulls guard again and finds an outside Ashi forcing Ribeiro to defend. Now Ribeiro is attacking a straight ankle lock and it looks close but time runs out. 

Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Luiza Monteiro via split decision.

Geo Martinez vs Paulo Miyao

Paulo Miyao pulls guard. Miyao is working a DLR and Martinez is defending all his attempts to take the back. This match looks just like their two previous matches. Miyao almost gets to the back but Martinez scrambles away. And they are reset to their feet.

Miyao pulls guard again and gets a sweep. He is working to pass the guard now. His head is low and Martinez grabs it and looks to secure a guillotine. Miyao slips out and they reset to their feet.

It’s more of the same in this match. Martinez looks for a leg lock after Miyao pulls guard but is unable to find it. Miyao gets a sweep and they move out of bounds and are reset.

Miyao pulls guard again and Martinez attacks an ankle lock. Time runs out.

Geo Martinez defeats Paulo Miyao via decision.

Kody Steele vs Dante Leon

They both come out not looking to pull guard. Dante Leon gets a nice double leg takedown. He is putting a lot of pressure on top. He almost passes and Kody Steele turns to his knees to stop it. When he does Leon attacks a guillotine. Steele escapes and gets a sweep. Leon wrestles back up to his feet and takes Steele down. 

Steele is working from a half butterfly. Leon passes and gets knee on belly. Steele regains guard and scrambles back to his feet. 

Now it’s Leon who pulls guard. Steele tries a crazy backflip guard pass that fails and lands him on bottom. He scrambles back up and Leon pulls guard again. He uses a berimbolo to get a sweep and gets the neck of Steele from top. It looks like it may be a finish but Steele escapes and is in open guard and time runs out.

Dante Leon defeats Kody Steele via decision.

Gabi Garcia vs Elisabeth Clay

Elisabeth Clay pulls guard and is working a rubber guard. Now she is working for a guillotine. She is unable to secure it. Garcia forces a half guard and passes briefly but Clay is able to regain full guard.

Garcia forces half guard again and clay looks for the kimura. Garcia almost passes but Clay turns to turtle guard and then regains full guard.

Clay goes for a leg lock but Garcia defends. Clay regains guard and gets an omoplata but is unable to finish.

Gabi Garcia defeats Elisabeth Clay via decision.

Roberto Jimenez vs Craig Jones

Craig Jones pulls guard. He immediately inverts and is deep in a leglock. Roberto Jimenez escapes and they reset. Jimenez tries for a knee slide pass but fails. Jimenez is being more guarded with his legs now. 

Jones inverts again and gets to a saddle position. It’s not looking good for Jimenez but he is fighting it. Jones finds the heel and gets the tap in just a few minutes into the match.

Craig Jones defeats Roberto Jimenez via heel hook.

Matheus Diniz vs Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan pulls guard and is looking for grips. Matheus Diniz is staying low. Ryan is switching from half butterfly and butterfly guard. Diniz is trying quick knee slide passes but to no avail. Ryan wrestles up and gets the takedown.

Ryan is now in top half guard. Diniz is going under for a deep half guard. As he does Ryan catches his arm and attempts a kumura. Diniz defends and is now on top.

Ryan is in a half butterfly guard and looking for arm control. Diniz is being very cautious and quick to escape any isolations of his arms. Ryan gets under with and threatens a leg entanglement and when he does Diniz looks for a pass. This forces Ryan to respect it and reset.

Ryan wrestles on top and ends up in 3/4 mount. Now he is in full mount. He is looking for a head and arm choke but Diniz does a good job at clearing his elbows. Diniz is bucking but unable to escape. They work out of bounds and reset to the mount position in the center of the mats.

It has been six minutes now and Diniz has been unable to escape mount. Ryan is working a high guard but Diniz bucks and escapes danger. He is still mounted.

Diniz bucks again and finally escapes. Ryan is on bottom in half butterfly. Diniz is staying low and being very cautious now. Ryan stands up and wrestles briefly but eventually pulls guard.

Diniz goes for the head and when he does Ryan gets under and into a leg entanglement. He has the saddle position and gets the inside heel hook.

Gordon Ryan defeats Matheus Diniz via heel hook.

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