Xande Ribeiro Opens Several New School Locations

Xande Ribeiro has followed through rather quickly with the announcement that he made after winning the headline match against Gabriel Almeida at Fight 2 Win 145, one where he revealed that he was starting his own affiliation and would be opening a brand new gym near the location for the event in Austin, Texas. It turns out that Ribeiro actually had much loftier goals than he was letting on to in the post-fight interview as he’s just announced that not only is he opening a gym in Texas, but there will also be a number of schools from around America and one in Brasil that will be moving over to his affiliation.

With the opening of Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu as an official team, Ribeiro will now be leading the affiliation from Six Blades Austin (Texas, California) with the following schools under his banner: Six Blades La Quinta (California, America), Six Blades Fort Worth (Texas, America), Six Blades Eastlake (California, America), Six Blades San Pedro (California, America), and Six Blades Brasilia (Brasilia, Brazil). Xande Ribeiro made the announcement in a post on his official Instagram account in which he thanked his brother and recent 6th degree black belt, Saulo Ribeiro for everything they’ve done together over the decades:


To investigate any of the new locations for Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu academies, visit the following links:

Or alternatively, for more information on the affiliation as a whole, click here.

Alex Lindsey

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