Yes, We’re Back Up.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who read our content every day, we have a little explaining to do. Yes, I’m talking about the site being down for the past four days.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Grappling Insider was hacked during the week. We caught it within an hour or so, and made the decision to take the site down while we resolved it. Which we have.

It was important to us that our users be protected and never have to worry about shady stuff while they are reading all the news fit to print about grappling, MMA, and BJJ. So we took it down and left it down for as long as it took to get the site secured.

We are looking forward to getting back to what we love, writing about the sport, not purging caches and reviewing lines of code one by one. Some small features of our navigation may be missing for the next day or two while we get them back up.

Also, because everyone who works here is a fairly accomplished submission grappler, rest assured that the terrorists that committed this act of war will be brought to justice, as various British, Irish, and American writers in colorful spats and rashguards are being deployed around the world, and will not rest until the heels of the enemies adorn our walls.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you continue to read our content. Cheers.

Louis Martin

Louie is a full time writer and content management guy. He owns the site, and has written for JiuJitsuTimes, YouJiuJitsu, BJJFAQ, and GrapplingInsider. He also published "The True Believers", a book about cults in martial arts. He trains under Elliot Kelly, but loves to rep his 10th Planet roots.

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