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If you have ever been in a heated debate over who are the top dogs of the grappling world, jiu-jitsu players or wrestlers, you have one foot in the door in a “wax on, wax off” sort of way.  However, if you have ever been engaged in a grappling debate which has raged for over an hour and only came to an end after an eight quart pressure cooker full of quinoa was hurled off the kitchen table (this actually happened) you understand the Grappling Insider’s writing staff’s passion in a “Sweeeeeeeep the leg!!” sort of way.  We are a scrappy little news agency built and maintained by a team of writers who often beat the bigger sites to breaking stories.  

But let’s keep it real and cut to the chase.  Everyone who reads our “About Us” page wants to know what we can do for them.  Let’s just say we humbly offer the solution to nearly every damn problem you may encounter in life:

•Have you ever been left gasping for air after a hard round of sparring wondering how to get a few extra seconds of rest?  Welp, those days are over amigos.  After reading Grappling Insider on the daily you will ALWAYS have a timely conversation starter handy which will give you a bit of extra time to catch your breath.

•Have you ever felt awkward standing in your school’s locker room because you had nothing to say?  Rest easy, my small talk impaired brothers and sisters, because we’ve got you covered.  With consistent reading of Grappling Insider, you will NEVER be at a loss for words again. 

•Have you ever been on a first date and wondered how to sift through the fluff and niceties so you can quickly figure out if he/she is going to make the cut?  Chiiiiiiiiiill, my brethren, because once again Grappling Insider is here to save the day.  Rather than wasting valuable time with questions like: “Uhhhh soooo what’s your favorite color?” simply ask if she knows why Miyao left Unity.  If she looks confused and replies, “Meow?  As in a cat?” rapidly inform the waiter the check will be split 50/50 and head for the exit at the soonest opportunity.  You can thank us later.

As you can see we are here for you and hope you will join our lil squad.  Whether that be as a reader, a future writer or if you simply have some questions about life please e-mail us at [email protected] or use our contact form.