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Virtually all men will experience erectile dysfunction (e.d.) at some point in their life.  For some it will be a one off event with nothing to worry about other than a moment of embarrassment between you and your partner.  For others it may become a significant hinderance to one of life’s great pleasures.  

Talking face to face with your personal doctor about erectile dysfunction is an understandably awkward moment.  In the past there was no alternative to the long walk as you followed the nurse down the hallway to the waiting room to have “the talk” with your doctor.  

Fortunately, in 2021 there is a far more discreet and time efficient  alternative.  Numerous online websites now offer online consultations and prescriptions to their patients.  Hundreds of thousands of men have chosen this new path and are happier for it.

At this point we’re going to organize, analyze and simplify the online process for you here.  Here are six reputable online companies that offer “A” to “Z” services for erectile dysfunction:  from the online consultation, to the prescription, to the delivery of the medication to your door it’s as easy as typing on your keyboard.

GetRoman is as efficient as they come.  You simply enter some basic info about yourself and your medical history.  Within 24 hours a board certified physician will evaluate your symptoms and prescribe medications if needed.  If you decide to purchase the medication it will be delivered to you within two days.  That level of streamlined efficiency is hard to beat. 

Cost Analysis:

•Viagra: $70 per 50mg dose

•Sildenafil (generic Viagra): $6 per 60mg dose

•Cialis: $13 per dose or $390 a month

•Tadalafil (generic Cialis): $8 per dose or $240 a month

ForHims has a distinctly “millennial” vibe.  Other than the tone the service is essentially the same as GetRoman.  First: an online consultation by a licensed physician. Second: a prescription is offered when appropriate.  Third: the prescription is discreetly delivered to your door or a local pharmacy for pick up at your leisure.  

Cost Analysis:

•Viagra: $425 a month

•Sildenafil: $30 a month

•Cialis: $410 a month

•Tadalafil:  $240 a month

LemonaideHealth offers erectile dysfunction medication to men as well as its counterpoint, birth control, to women.  So, it is truly a one stop shop for the whole team.  Their system starts with a $25 online video consultation (which is good for twelve refills) and proceeds from there in a similar fashion as the others telehealth sites previously mentioned.  One slight difference is the e.d. prescription will be sent to a pharmacy near you for pick up rather than directly to your home.  

Cost Analysis:

•Viagra: $85 per dose

•Sildenafil: $6 per dose

•Cialis: $8 per dose 

•Tadalafil: $22 per dose

BlinkHealth is one of the least expense erectile dysfunction providers out there.  The initial consultation only costs $5.  Prescriptions are delivered discreetly to your home.  To keep costs low they focus on the generic tablets rather than the name brands like Viagra and Cialis.

Cost Analysis:

•Sildenafil: $19.99 for ten 20mg tablets 

Tadalafil: $59.95 for thirty 5mg tablets

Think of PlushCare as a full online general practice facility without the nuisance of sitting in traffic to get to a standard brick and mortar doctor’s office.  Their doctors (who each have at least fifteen years of clinical experience) treat just about everything including erectile dysfunction.  

Cost Analysis:

PlushCare accepts most major insurance companies.  If you have insurance the initial consultation fee is about $30.  If you don’t have insurance the consultation fee is $99.  Unfortunately, PlushCare is not transparent about the cost of their erectile dysfunction medication.  However, one can surmise their pricing is similar to the other telehealth sites already listed or they would not be able to compete.

BlueChew has carved out its own niche by providing chewable versions of Sildenafil and Tadalafil.  The advantage of the chewable versions are they act  ~66% faster than the standard tablet versions.  Like BlinkHealth they keep costs low by only offering the generic versions of Viagra and Cialis.

Cost Analysis:


     -6 chewables per month: $20

     -10 chewables per month: $30

     -17 chewables per month: $50

     -34 chewables per month: $9


     -4 chewables per month: $20

     -7 chewables per month: $30

     -14 chewables per month: $50

     -28 chewables per month: $90


What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for sexual activity.  Many men will experience this phenomenon occasionally over their life.  The concern is when it becomes the norm rather than the exception.  

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physiological and/or psychological reasons.  The primary reasons center around blood flow.  

To understand the importance of blood flow it will be helpful to understand the process.  In short, sexual stimulation causes the release of neurotransmitters which results in: (1) the dilation of the arteries of the penis (2) the entrapment of the blood in the penis (3) physiological changes which dramatically slows the flow of blood out of the penis and (4) a significant increase in the internal pressure of the penis. 

Anything which inhibits blood flow to the penis (like high cholesterol and atherosclerosis) will play a central roll in erectile dysfunction.  Think of the narrow arteries/veins in the penis as an early warning sign for the larger arteries leading to the  heart.  Because the small arteries of the penis will become blocked sooner than the larger arteries leading to your heart erectile dysfunction should be noted and dealt with accordingly.  

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The most common treatment for erectile dysfunction is to pop a pill before sex.  The big four pils for e.d. are:

•Sildenafil (Viagra)

•Tadalafil (Cialis)

•Vardenafil (Levitra)

•Avanafil (Stendra)

All of these drugs result in increased blood flow to the penis during sexual intercourse.  Sildenafil is the O.G. of the group as it has been around for decades.  It’s mechanisms and side effects are well understood today.  During your online consultation your doctor will recommend one of the four pills  based on your symptoms and lifestyle.  

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that around 52% of men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction.  The risk of e.d. increases with age but is not limited to elder gentlemen.  Young men suffer from e.d. as well.  Fortunately, with the rise of online, telehealth, platforms the remedies can be delivered to your front door discreetly, rapidly and efficiently.  


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