Top Pheromone Perfumes for Women 2022

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Have you ever had certain feelings get triggered just because you caught a whiff of a particular smell? 

Some smells can trigger nostalgia and make you miss your childhood. Some can bring sad memories to light, while others remind you of the happiest times in your life. There is no denying that certain smells can affect you in a multitude of ways.

Pheromone perfumes take advantage of the involuntary chemical reaction that takes place in our brains when our nose detects pheromones in the air. This causes an immediate and primal feeling of attraction that we sometimes cannot verbalize our reasons for.

These perfumes give you an edge that others don’t have. Even if you are not the most attractive person in the room, you can easily level the playing field and even beat your competition by investing in the right pheromone perfume. 

5 Best Pheromone Perfumes for Women

How to choose the best pheromone perfume for you?

Pheromone perfumes and oils have a fundamental functional similarity where the prime purpose is to attract people to you and make you the center of attention. However, specific formulas have been tweaked to cater to different motivations of attraction. Therefore, no two perfumes will have the same effect. 

Pheromone concentration levels

Pheromone perfume and fragrance manufacturing companies have different products for different genders and goals. Perfumes exist for both all genders; therefore, it is essential that you know how to differentiate the two. The ratios of the chemicals and hormones used to determine what a product has been created for.

A key difference in pheromone perfumes for women is the use of copulin instead of androstenone. Androstenone does not work well in sparking chemical reactions in a man’s brain to be attracted to a woman the way that the sweet aroma of copulin does. To cater to the right primal instincts of the gender you want to attract, make sure to keep an eye on these two hormonal compositions in a fragrance, perfume, or oil.

Since the primal instincts get targeted with the release of pheromones, you must also be aware of the high levels of concentration of the pheromones. If the primal instinct of fight or flight is activated, people might find it uncomfortable to be around you without actually understanding why.


Some pheromone perfumes and oils come odorless, while others have a fragrance infused in them during production. If you choose to go with the odorless option, make sure to check if spraying your own favorite perfume on top of the pheromone perfume enhances the spread instead of nullifying it. 

Duration of the pheromone effect

You will get desired results from the first time you apply a high-quality pheromone perfume, but you need to be aware of how long the effect will last on your skin after application.

 Regardless of who you attract, you want to leave a lasting impression on their mind and maybe take things further than just a conversation or a dance. Knowing how long the effect lasts will give you a timeline of how long your interactions must be because you want to reap the benefits of the effects of the pheromones in public and keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Customer reviews

It is important to note that although a manufacturer may make several dozen claims about how amazing their products are, their research is mainly done in controlled lab environments and experiments. Customer reviews and recommendations are vital to pay attention to because they give you hard evidence of products working in real-world scenarios. This will ensure that you get the right product that makes you look good instead of investing money in something only to be completely disappointed and have your night ruined.


Last but not least, have a look at the price of each product. Prices can range from $10 to close to $100. Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Therefore if you opt for a cheaper option, there is a high chance that the quality of the product may not be as good as you expect.

If you are looking to live your best life and stop having to worry about approaching guys and either finding someone for the night or someone for life, we have put together a list of the 5 best pheromone perfumes for women available in the market today.

5 Best Pheromone Perfumes for Women

PherazoneBest for sexual attraction

Pherazone for women is the industry’s leading pheromone fragrance. This highly effective perfume has been created with a proprietary blend of high-end scents and pheromones that have been manufactured in an FDA-approved lab. The fragrance has gone through rigorous testing on men and women to be optimized for the best results.

Pherazone is so highly rated and sought after because of its high levels of pheromone concentration compared to any of its market competitors. It has a pheromone concentration of 18mg. It has also been highly praised on major news outlets such as CNN, BBC World News, and ABC news.

Pherazone has the capability to supercharge your sexual appeal turning you into the most highly sought-after woman in the room. It induces a heightened sexual arousal to the men around you due to the perfect blend of pheromones and a pleasing aroma to the male species.

It also boasts the strength to last longer than any of the current products on the market, over 6 hours.

A high concentration of the following 7 pheromones is what makes Pherazone one of the top 5 best pheromone perfumes for women:

  • – 5-alpha-Androstenone
  • – 5-alpha-Androstenol
  • – Androsterone
  • – Androstadienone
  • – Androstadienol
  • – Beta-Androstenol
  • – Beta-epi-androstenol

If being the center of men’s attention wherever you go is your goal, Pherazone should be your first and only choice. You only need a single spray, and the product is delivered in discreet packaging for your benefit.

Desire Me XSBest for Romantic Feelings

Desire Me XS uses a powerful pheromone called copulin to get the desired (no pun intended) reaction from any man you seek.

When a female ovulates, aka produces an egg in the ovaries, they release a pheromone called copulin to attract an appropriate partner to start the mating ritual to make a child. This is part of the biological circle of life, and this pheromone is now available in a bottle form to be used at will, taking away the need for a woman to wait till she ovulates to make a man fall in love with her.

When a man smells that pheromone on you, it elevates their mood and sexually arouses them while they are around you, making you irresistible. 

The creators of Desire Me XS claim to be better than any other copulin products currently available in the market due to a special ingredient that boosts the effects of the pheromone that helps to lure men and make them feel infatuated by you. One to three spays ensures that the fragrance stays on you for up to 8 hours.

Fantasy XSLong Lasting Formula

The chemical formula for the Fantasy XS oil has ingredients that combine to increase a woman’s attractiveness for a long time. It claims to be suitable for ‘everyday sexy’ and can be applied for any setting, whether it’s a night out or at work.

Ingredients in the pheromone oil are used to create human pheromones synthetically. They are:

  • – Alpha-androstenol: This is a synthetic pheromone that increases someone’s attractiveness and makes people around the person feel at ease and comfortable.
  • – Beta-androstenol: This synthetic hormone also makes a person appear more attractive, but it also facilitates more profound connections with people that interact with you. 
  • – Perfumers’ alcohol and dipropylene glycol are base ingredients that blend and act as a dilutant and solvent.

The best places to apply this oil on your skin to get the optimal use of it are behind your ears, either side of your neck, on your wrists, and behind your knees. One or two drops per application will make it last for 10 hours.

The pheromone oil doesn’t have the most pleasant smell; therefore, it is recommended to cover that odor with a female cover scent such as Jasmine vanilla, jAdore, Amber rose, Sexy Amber, or Sweet sensations. Blending the oil with a perfume will help to spread the pheromone more effectively.

True SexinessBest for Instant Chemistry

Realizing that you have sex appeal can be very empowering. True Sexiness allows a woman to become a man’s one genuine desire without any effort. Conversations aren’t meaningless, instead, it turns into intense flirting. The woman becomes elegant and charming due to the fast-acting and potent fragrance that is True Sexiness. It magnifies the body’s natural pheromone production, drastically increasing sex appeal.

The two ingredients in the formula for this pheromone perfume acts as natural aphrodisiacs. First is copulin, which, as you already know, gets produced at the height of a woman’s fertile stage to attract a male partner to mate with. Research has shown that during this time, women experience a higher number of sexual advances from men.

The second ingredient is estratetraenol. Studies have shown that men exposed to this ingredient have heightened feelings of sexual arousal and intimacy.

The pheromone perfume comes in a vanilla body spray or an unscented spray that you can mix with any fragrance you prefer. One to two sprays will last you close to 10 hours.

Primal WomenBest for Improving Confidence and Mood

Primal Women is a great pheromone perfume to improve your confidence before approaching a social setting or interaction. The formula seems to affect the wearer as much as the people surrounding them. This opens the floor up for better connections, meaningful conversations, and deeper intimacy.

The amazing thing about this pheromone perfume is that its uses are beneficial for both singles and people in relationships. Since one of Primal Women’s effects is to increase intimacy and communication by sparking feelings of attraction and connection, this is an excellent pheromone perfume for couples who want to improve or re-ignite the romance in their relationship.

Although strong on initial application, the oil smell fades away in a few minutes. You can mix the oil with a fragrance of your choice as it will help to spread the pheromones more effectively. Once application can last you up to 8 hours.

Primal Women allows you to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to interact with you while you have this pheromone perfume on.

Wrapping it Up

When trying to choose the best pheromone perfume for you, always consider the following:

  • – Pheromone concentration levels: Manufacturers use different ratios of ingredients when making a product to suit different needs. Therefore, it is good to be aware of these differences when picking the right product for your own motivations.
  • – Fragrance: Some pheromone perfumes are odorless that need to be blended with other fragrances, while others have their own smell.
  • – Duration of pheromone effects: This goes in hand with the first point as the longer the effects of the pheromone perfumes can be felt, the more it benefits you as the user.
  • – Customer reviews: These provide you with real-world data, which cannot be provided by simple lab experimentation.
  • – Price: Price should be the last aspect to consider as better products tend to cost more than average quality products.


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