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Accomplished MMA fighter Ryan Bader can now add BJJ black belt to his resume. A longtime UFC veteran and current
Fight To Win 183 took place on Friday, September 10, and was quietly one of the promotion's most stacked events
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One of the most anticipated matches in ADCC history is finally coming to fruition. At the 2022 ADCC Championships, Andre
In late 2020, the famed grappling team the Danaher Death Squad announced its move from New York City to Puerto
We are now two weeks away from the two-day Who's Number One (WNO) Championships, and the event has seen some
It's no secret that BJ Penn's base martial art was jiu-jitsu. He used that jiu-jitsu, coupled with excellent boxing and
Craig Jones will soon return to the Polaris mat. On October 9, Jones will defend his Polaris title when he
On Friday, September 10, Fight To Win will return to San Diego, CA with Fight To Win 183. The event
Robert Drysdale might be the most uniquely qualified person in the world to tell the story of jiu-jitsu. A history