Erberth Santos arrested for multiple rapes and robberies

(Left) Erberth Santos (Right) Andre Pessoa.

Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt world champion Erberth Santos has been arrested alongside Andre Pessoa.

X3 IBJJF Black Belt World Champion Erberth Santos and fellow BJJ athlete Andre Pessoa have been arrested for multiple rapes and robberies that happened across several cities in Mato Grosso do Sul, on August 24, 2023.

The pair were arrested in Boituva, São Paulo.

The news was brought to light after several Brazilian newspapers reported it. The police investigation stated that the two men had raped at least four women; as well as tying up the victims and physically assaulting them. Alongside the assaults, the pair has also been found in possession of 26 phones and a number of firearms and knives when they were arrested.

Mobile phones found with the athletes at the time of arrest (photo credits: Campo Grande Shock Battalion).

According to the report by Globo, Santos and Pessoa both confessed to the crimes they were accused of shortly after their arrest.  

As verified, the arrests of Santos and Pessoa were executed by the São Paulo Military Highway Police, with information from the Mato Grosso do Sul Shock Battalion, which was looking for the suspects due to the crimes committed in the area.

Investigations reveal that the athletes raped at least four women, but law enforcement officials involved in the case suggest that the number of victims could be higher.

Click here to see footage of Santos breaking into a house while allegedly armed and proceeding to forcibly open a safe.

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