‘He’s a douchebag’ – Nick Rodriguez says Nicholas Meregali backed out of signed match

Nick Rodriguez has called out Nicholas Meregali for a match or MMA fight and claims that Meregali has pulled out of a previously signed match.

Fresh off a dominant victory over ADCC absolute champion Yuri Simoes at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5, Nick Rodriguez is continuing his efforts to secure matches against some of the sport’s biggest names.

Immediately after his victory over Simoes, Rodriguez issued a $50,000 challenge to former teammate Gordon Ryan, which Ryan declined.

Now, in a recent video posted on The B-Team’s YouTube channel, Rodriguez is calling out Ryan’s New Wave teammate Nicholas Meregali.

After making the case that he’s much more accomplished than Meregali when it comes to no-gi competition, Rodriguez goes in on the Brazilian for claiming to be “authentic”:

“It’s kind of cringe to watch him do interviews because he’s trying his hardest to act like Gordon but he is not, he is not Gordon. He’s trying to preach authenticity is everything. I guess he’s kind of authentic in the sense that he’s a douchebag.”

Notably, Rodriguez says that he and Meregali had previously signed a contract to face each other at a Who’s Number One event, but Meregali pulled out of that match:

“Meregali, let’s have a match. You keep running from me. We had a contract signed with Flograppling Who’s Number One and you backed out. You signed the contract and then two days later you’re like wow, you’re not gonna win this match. You realized that. You probably talked to your team, coach is like ‘Hey, this ain’t gonna go well for you.’ And then you backed out of our contract. That’s p**** s***, my guy.”

Rodriguez goes on to call for a match – or fight – against Meregali under any ruleset, including mixed martial arts or even a street fight:

“Let’s have a match. Whatever ruleset, whatever promotion –  UFC fight pass, Flograppling – let’s get down and dirty. And if that’s not good enough for you, maybe we do an MMA fight. Maybe we hop in the cage and I’ll introduce you to my right and my left. That sounds pretty cool. You’re a confident guy, Mr. Meregali, so let’s confidently do battle. I would love nothing more than to make you bleed. That sounds like a good time. And if that’s not good enough, in the great state of Texas, we have this Americanized law called mutual combat, so if you really don’t like me, maybe we can just set up a time and place and we do the battle. Whatever you want, whether it’s jiu-jitsu or whether it’s an actual fight, I would love to hop and that pony and ride you all the way home.”

Meregali also competed at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5, securing a dominant submission victory over Felipe Pena in the main event.

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