Sapateiro announces $100K World Championship

The Sapateiro Invitational has announced that it will hold a World Championship this December with up to $100,000 on the line.

The professional grappling promotion Sapateiro Invitational is making big moves in 2024. The organization recently announced plans to hold a 160-pound world championship tournament this December, and a maximum $100,000 grand prize will be on the line.

Sapateiro Invitational will be hosting its first World Championship in December 2024 at 160lbs with a maximum prize of $100,000 USD.

We are also making the switch to ADCC rules for all Qualifiers and the World Championship, utilizing certified ADCC judges at all events.

There will be 12 Qualifiers all over the US and Canada: 8 Invitational 16-Man Qualifiers and 4 Open Registration Tournaments. Winners earn their spot in the World Championship Bracket, as well as travel to the event.

This series kicks off March 9th in Tampa with the first 16-Man Invitational Qualifier.

Competitors can qualify for the Sapateiro World Championship in a number of ways. The organization will be holding eight 16-man invitational tournaments, and the winners of each of those events will qualify for the World Championship. Additionally, Sapateiro will hold four open tournaments in which competitors can earn their spot at the World Championship.

What’s more, Sapateiro plans to have one “sponsor invite” to the World Championship, as well as two more invites to the most deserving athletes.

The first four Qualifiers have already been announced: March 9 in Tampa, Florida; April 13 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; April 14 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (open registration); and May 25 in Chicago, Illinois.

All Sapateiro matches will be conducted using the ADCC rule set.

How to watch: Sapateiro Qualifiers and World Championships will air live on Enigma TV (subscription required).

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