ADCC Dallas Open results and highlights: Luke Griffith, Jasmine Rocha earn double gold

View results and highlights from the ADCC Dallas Open, where Luke Griffith and Jasmin Rocha each earned double gold.

The ADCC Dallas Open took place over the weekend, and a number of elite no-gi competitors made appearances.

New Wave Jiu-Jitsu enjoyed an incredibly strong showing as a team, with squad members Oliver Taza, Luke Griffith, Giancarlo Bodoni, and Helena Crevar all taking home gold.

For his part, Griffith earned gold in both the 100kg+ and absolute divisions. In the final of the absolute division, the South African made quick work of fellow ADCC veteran Elder Cruz, submitting him from the back in under two minutes.

And in the 83kg division, multiple-time ADCC veteran Taza picked up a gold medal thanks to a stunning, come-from-behind submission victory over fellow ADCC veteran John Combs in the final. Down by three points with less than 90 seconds remaining in the match, Taza managed to latch onto a leg and secure the finish just as Combs appeared to be taking his back for the second time.

And on the women’s side, Jasmine Rocha shined with gold-medal performances in the 60kg and absolute divisions. The final of the absolute division saw Rocha taking out veteran Bridget McEliese with a last-minute back-take after a high-paced, back-and-forth match up to that point.

Check out all the results from the men’s and women’s advanced divisions below.

ADCC Dallas Open results

Men’s Divisions


  1. Dylan Cameron
  2. Andrew DeGraff
  3. Joey Diehl


  1. Dorian Olivarez
  2. Logan Marshall
  3. Landon Elmore


  1. Deandre Corbe
  2. Lewis McLendon
  3. Henrique Barreto


  1. Pierre-Olivier Leclerc
  2. Michael Sainz
  3. CJ Murdock


  1. Oliver Taza
  2. John Combs
  3. Sam Kilmer


  1. Matheus Lutes
  2. Stanley Rosa
  3. Abraham La Montague


  1. Giancarlo Bodoni
  2. Daishi Goto
  3. Brian Guevara


  1. Luke Griffith
  2. Michael Egley
  3. Kevin Satterfield


  1. Luke Griffith
  2. Elder Cruz
  3. Sergio Vilas

Women’s Divisions


  1. Alex Nguyen
  2. Andrea Amaro
  3. Neklaya Jackson


  1. Jasmine Rocha
  2. Kayla Brown
  3. Layla Watkins


  1. Helena Crevar
  2. Sofia Delgado
  3. Maria Golden


  1. Hannah Griffith
  2. Zelie Dolan
  3. Nora Schultz


  1. Bridget McEliece
  2. Sarah Swlatek
  3. Nicole Johnson


  1. Jasmine Rocha
  2. Bridget McEliece
  3. Nora Schultz

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