Coronavirus Outbreak Cancels ADCC Mongolia

ADCC Mongolia has been held every year without fail for the past six years but next weekend’s edition will be cancelled due to the deadly Coronavirus outbreak. This comes following an announcement from the government of Mongolia, as they’ve now closed their borders with both China and Malaysia.

The reason for this border closure comes from recent warnings coming from medical officials that the virus’ ability to spread is actually growing. This has also resulted in the government of Mongolia revealing that they intend to bar any visitors from China, due it being at the center of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus itself is actually part of a group of viruses, the effects of which can range from pretty mild cold-like symptoms all the way through to much more severe effects and even death. The Coronavirus is a new strain within this group that has not previously been found in humans, not until the recent outbreak starting in China.

The common belief is that the virus has originated in Wuhan, China which is a central city in the world’s most populated country. According to their National Health Commission, the number of cases is growing exponentially alongside the increasing death toll. The 27th January saw a confirmed 2,835 cases whereas the following day, 28th January has resulted in a total of 4,515 confirmed cases.

The most common symptoms being displayed are fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. There are more severe symptoms as well, including pneumonia, kidney failure and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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