Exclusive: Jersey Shore Bouncer Shares Details of Dillon Danis Arrest

New details regarding the arrest of BJJ black belt and undefeated MMA fighter Dillon Danis have come to light. Over the weekend, an image of Danis’ mugshot, showing that he had been arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ, surfaced and was posted by top grappler Gordon Ryan. Soon, video of Danis’ arrest outside of a Jersey Shore bar hit social media, as well.

Grappling Insider has obtained details of Danis’ arrest, as well as the altercation that took place immediately prior to his arrest. A bouncer working at the bar explained what transpired. That bouncer can be seen in the video below holding Danis down as he waited for authorities to arrive.

Below is that bouncer’s statement in its entirety.

That night I was the doorman working and Dillion [sic] Danis and 3 of his friends came to the bar late around 12:30 maybe 1am from a wedding party. That night I caught 2 fake IDs from the wedding party, and around 9pm we close the upstairs bar to anyone under 21 because it’s more of a club. So when Dillion arrived I asked him and his 3 friends for IDs which I got 3 IDs but Dillion did not have an ID. At the time I had no idea who he was and none of the bouncers did either so we denied him entry based on lack of proof of age. Once we told him no he began to become defensive asking us “Do you know who I am? Because I’d you don’t your going to be fired if you don’t let me in”. As a bouncer at the Jersey Shore we hear this multiple times a night. We continue to tell him we can’t let him in unless he has an ID and telling him he can go get it or anything else but without a valid ID we won’t let him in. After this a second bouncer came in between us (about 3 feet from Dillion) and told him it’s private property and he can’t stay there, which a police officer who was there also told him to leave. He did not and when the officer turned away he took a step towards the second bouncer and he put a hand on his chest to stop him from moving forward which Dillion then slapped his hand away telling him not to touch him. He then attempted to swing on the second bouncer. During the talking and all I was moving behind Dillion Danis. Once he tried to swing on the second bouncer I took him by the neck and brought him to the ground. The other bouncers and bartenders began creating space for me and Dillion and pushing the other 3 guys back down the ramp near the staircase. I held him there for about a minute, maybe less, until the police came. Once they were there I flipped Dillion over and assisted the police in arresting him and once he was cuffed I moved away and after he went down the ramp with the police I didn’t really get much after that.

In short, it seems that Danis was involved in typical drunken mischief. After being denied entry because he did not have identification, Danis became aggressive with the bar staff, according to the bouncer that spoke with Grappling Insider.

According to a report from MMA Fighting, Danis has been charged with disorderly conduct, a crime that carries a punishment of up to six months in jail.

A black belt under Marcelo Garcia and an ADCC veteran, Dillon Danis is widely known for his association with Conor McGregor, serving as McGregor’s training partner and corner man for the past several years. Danis has been out of competition since earning his second professional MMA win in June 2019 at Bellator 222. He has been even more absent in competitive grappling, having last competed in the 2017 ADCC where he went 1-2, losing to Gordon Ryan and Mahamed Aly.

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