Ffion Davies promotes Rosa Walsh to black belt

Rosa Walsh (left) promoted by Ffion Davies (right). Photo Credit: Violet Bennett @xanthe.photos

Rosa Walsh becomes the youngest female Irish BJJ black belt ever

Welsh grappler and multiple-time BJJ World Champion, Ffion Davies, has promoted her close friend, Rosa Walsh, to black belt in BJJ. This was Davies’ first-ever black belt promotion.

If you follow Davies on Instagram you will know she has a very close friendship with fellow grappler, Rosa Walsh, the two have pretty much travelled the world together by now, and have been inseparable ever since their friendship began.

Both Davies and Walsh train at Essentials Jiu Jitsu in New York under JT Torres, the latter of which gave Davies permission to promote her friend, without his presence.

The promotion occurred at Davies’ Barcelona women’s only grappling camp, which Walsh organised and assisted the world champ during. 


Walsh now stands as the youngest female Irish BJJ black belt ever, at just 25-years old, as well as setting a record for being the first female black belt from Cork, and being the 6th female Irish-born BJJ black belt ever.

Walsh has lots of accomplishments under her belt at every rank, winning the ADCC Open Pro division in Las Vegas via three arm bar submissions, tapping black belt world champion Nathalie Ribeiro last year. 

The new black belt also won: the gold at PanAms making her the 2022 Middleweight No-Gi Brown Belt Champion, she was titled the Grapplefest -70kg Champion, and she also won bronze at the 2022 IBJJF European Championships at brown belt.

Similar to Davies, Walsh has strong pressure and an expert takedown game, making for exciting matches irrespective of the ruleset. 

One thing is for certain, if you haven’t heard of Rosa Walsh yet, you will hear of her soon.

Congratulations Rosa!

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