Kinektic, Live Results, Discussion and Play By Play

Join us tonight (Friday, 16th) for live updates on Kinektic 1 from live from Anaheim, California. Kinektic features a stacked card with teams featuing of the biggest names in BJJ and MMA Craig Jones, Gordon Ryan, Vinny Magalhaes and Joe Warren.

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Main Card


Lachlan Giles v Mansher Khera

They start by feeling each other out on the feet until Lachlan Giles tries for a single leg and they are led back to the center of the mat by the referee. Khera continues to hop on one leg but Giles manages to bring him to the ground and start attacking the legs. Giles finishes with a heek hook in the first few minutes.

Giles wins by heel hook.

Lachlan Giles vs Will Weed

Giles immediately pulls guard and start attacking the legs. Weed tried to stand up but Giles used a single leg to take him back down. Weed gets a crucifix position on Giles and starts fighting for the rear naked choke. Giles hand fights and manages to escape and take top position. Giles passes to side control and then full mount. Weed escapes out the back door when Giles gets too high in mount position and Giles sits to guard again. Giles spiraled through to the back and then in a scramble caught another heel hook.

Giles wins by heel hook.

Lachlan Giles vs Joe Riggs

The two immediately go to the ground and have some aggressive scrambles to start out the match. Riggs mostly manages to stay on top put Giles continually looks for the leg locks from underneath. They are restarted in the center with Giles in an omoplata position but he gets out and starts attacking Riggs’ neck. Giles then sits to guard and uses his guard to secure an armbar on Riggs.

Giles wins by armbar.

Lachlan Giles vs Chris Lytle

Giles immediately starts attacking the legs and secures an inside heel hook shortly into the match.

Giles wins by heel hook.

Lachlan Giles vs Ricco Rodriguez

The two stand and hand fight for a solid minute and a half until Ricco forces Giles to the ground. Giles starts attacking for a heel hook again almost immediately after hitting the ground and secures the heel hook

Giles wins by heel hook, securing the win for Team BJJ Fanatics without any other teammate even having to compete.


Brian Sparrow vs Guilherme Vasconselos

The two start with some hand fighting on the feet before Guilherme manages to take Sparrow down but Sparrow locks up full guard. Sparrow tries to isolate the arm for a kimura and Guilherme gets out, causing a scramble where the two get to their feet again. Sparrow goes for a guillotine attempt while Guilherme tries for a takedown and ends up in Sparrow’s guard again. Sparrow continues to try to isolate an arm but the two end up in another scramble and Guilherme manages to take his back. Sparrow escapes his back control by turning into him and jumping on his back which creates another scramble. Sparrow ends up working from the bottom position again and Guilherme manages to take 3/4 mount. Guilherme manages to fully pass but Sparrow quickly regains his guard. The two keep attacking until the very end of the match but can’t manage to secure anything.


Scott Morton vs Jorge Rodrigues

The two competitors hand fight from the feet for over two minutes until Morton is able to force Rodrigues to the ground. They don’t spend long on the ground before getting back to their feet. They hand fight for a good bit again and then Rodrigues sits to guard, secures deep half and tries to come out the back. Morton locks in a kimura and extends the arm but Rodrigues gets into top position and gets his arm back. He gets behind Morton and ends up taking the back when Morton tried to get up. Morton turns in and escapes to secure full guard. Rodrigues somehow manages to take the back again as Mortion tries to roll him over while in full guard and Rodrigues switches to spiderweb position and finishes by armbar.

Rodrigues wins by armbar.

Ricco Rodrigues vs James Brasco

The match starts very aggressively with Brasco ending up in full guard and ripping himself out of it to his feet. Brasco takes Rodrigues down and gets to top half position applying serious shoulder pressure. He continues to try to free his leg and finally gets the foot free and takes full mount. He ends up back in half guard again and Rodrigues works for a sweep from the bottom. Brasco maintains top half for quite some time but are reset in the middle due to drifting out of bounds. Brasco continues to try to pass the guard of Rodrigues and maintains great top pressure, but no one secures a submission.


Enrico Cocco vs Rafael Domingos

Cocco got to start on the back of Domingos because he was in the circle first but Domingos manages to escape and the two begin to hand fight from the feet. Domingos goes for a flying triangle but fails and the two are restarted in the center. They continue to hand fight until Cocco tries to roll through on Domingos’ legs which causes a scramble and the two end up back on their feet. Cocco eventually pulls guard again and tries to get underneath Domingos. Cocco plays an inverted guard and tries to scoop the leg of Domingos, managing to secure a heel hook.

Cocco wins by heel hook.

Enrico Cocco vs Gabriel Checco

Almost right away the referee has to stop the action for a hard warning for pushing Cocco out of bounds aggressively. Checco takes him down and starts attacking his legs, which Cocco defends well and gets back to butterfly guard. Checco eventually gives up on trying to pass and stands up again and Cocco follows. Cocco starts fighting for a kimura from the bottom but Checco pulls out and resumes his passing attempts. Checco goes for some leg attacks again in the last minute which Cocco returns, but Checco’s pressure is too much for him and no one secures a finish.


Rani Markes vs Joe Warren

Markes is super aggressive from the start and establishes heavy top pressure. Markes starts trying to isolate an arm from the top and manages to secure a head and arm choke.

Markes wins by head and arm choke and Team SUG advances to the next round.


Anthony Birchak vs Rafael Stots

Stots goes straight for a double leg but Birchak jumps on his neck right away. The two are reset after going off the edge of the mat. The two continue to hand fight from the feet until Stots shoots for a single which causes a scramble that brings them out of bounds again, so they are reset. They hand fight again until Birchak eventually pulls guard and starts working from butterfly. Stots gets to half guard from top position while he works to finish the pass. He knee slices through to side control but Birchak manages to create space and stand up again. Stots goes in for a single leg again taking Birchak to the ground and passing to side control. Stots manages to sit on Birchak’s head and secure a kimura, but Birchak gets his arm back. Stots continues to pressure from north south and switches to mount, but Birchak catches half guard again. Stots jumps on the neck and starts attacking a d’arce choke in the final minute but Birchak escapes and the two get back to their feet. Birchak attacks a guillotine in the final seconds but time expires, so they get time to rest before an overtime period.

The two hand fight until Stots goes in deep for a double leg and steps over into full mount almost immediately. He tries to switch up to a shifted mount but Birchak uses that opportunity to jump on his legs. Stots defends with good pressure from the top and transitions to a back attack. Birchak escapes and Stots continues to try to pass his guard. He makes it past into side control in the last minute of overtime and sets up another kimura attempt from north south. Birchak gets his arm free but Stots takes full mount again right away. The two scramble and Stots starts attacking Birchak’s neck. They continue to scramble until the overtime bell rings.



Jorge Rodrigues vs Nick Rodriguez

The two tie up on the feet after some hand fighting and Nicky Rod sweeps Jorge to the ground, where he passes into side control and secures a body lock from top position. Jorge shucks him off and they stand up again to resume hand fighting. Jorge shoots in for an aggressive guard pull and Nick uses that opportunity to try to pass. He gets to side control but Jorge pulls him back into half guard. Nick fights from half guard and fakes a back step, but goes back to half guard. They start to scramble and Nicky manages to secure side control again. Another scramble ensues and they get back to their feet. Nick goes for an arm drag to single leg but Jorge escapes and they continue to hand fight. Nick snaps Jorge down and applies heavy top pressure from half guard. He cartwheels over with a back take attempt but Jorge continues to scramble and Nick manages to snatch a leg for a heel hook.

Rodriguez wins by heel hook.

Nick Rodriguez vs Rani Markes

The two grapplers immediately tie up with collar ties and fight for position on the feet. Markes goes in for a few takedowns but Rodriguez manages to sprawl each time. The referee stops the fight because Markes lands a hard slap on Rodriguez’s neck. The collar tie attempts are very aggressive and the two continue to clinch up. Markes shoots in for a single leg which takes Rodriguez off the mat and they are reset in the middle. More hand fighting ensures until Markes goes in for another deep single leg attempt but Rodriguez manages to stuff it again. The two continue to clinch up and Rodriguez goes in for a shot but Markes avoids it. Rodriguez executes an excellent ankle pick and manages to take the back in a scramble going for a read naked choke but Markes manages to escape. Rodriguez again ankle picks and hops on Markes’ back to lock in a body triangle and start attacking for a rear naked choke with a minute left. Time runs out with Rodriguez still fighting for a face crush.


Gordon Ryan vs Gabriel Checco

Ryan pulls guard and then takes Checco down to start fighting from top position. He secures top half and moves up to a shifted mount right away, putting a kimura grip in. He uses that to move to almost a reverse triangle position where he finishes with the kimura.

Ryan wins by kimura.

Gordon Ryan vs Rafael Domingos

Ryan goes for a foot sweep right away. He ends up playing from the bottom and jumps on Domingos’ back in a scramble, where he moves up to try to attack a kimura but Domingos escapes. Ryan continues to play from the bottom but sweeps Domingos and Domingos snatches up a guillotine. Ryan defends the guillotine and eventually pops his head out and starts pressuring from top half position. Ryan works to isolate an arm from the top and uses a kimura trap to transition to the back with a body triangle. Ryan starts fighting for the choke and says “good luck buddy” to Domingos. Ryan eventually secures a face crush and the tap.

Ryan wins by face crush/rear naked choke.

Gordon Ryan vs Guilherme Vasconselos

Gordon repeatedly pulls guard and shows a willingness to work from bottom position. He sweeps Guilherme and starts attacking his neck, falling into a tight guillotine choke and securing the tap.

Ryan wins by guillotine choke, securing the win for Team BJJ Fanatics.