Kade Ruotolo teases MMA debut: “By the end of this year”

In a fight for the ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Title, young American jiu jitsu prodigy Kade Ruotolo went up against the Norwegian renowned leg locker, Tommy Langaker. After retaining his title for the third time, during his post-fight interview, Ruotolo stated: “ I’m really looking towards MMA to be honest with you.”

The match was a 10-minute back and forth battle of super close leg lock attempts, and back take attempts, with Ruotolo mainly remaining the aggressor on top. However, due to Langakers incredible guard retention, he was unable to pass Langaker’s guard.

Langaker really put the pressure on and both grapplers showed what they were made of in a high-paced, action-packed scramble. The leg locks were nail-bitingly close, and both grapplers looked like they were willing to lose a leg for the belt, putting on an impressively close title bout. Ruotolo ended up winning via decision.

After his victory, during his post-fight interview, the presenter asked Ruotolo: “So what’s next for the champ?”

The now x3 lightweight ONE Champ teased of a potential MMA debut: “What’s next? Whoever wants it really. I think I’m really looking towards MMA to be honest with you. MMA is really in my heart. I was training it (MMA) before this last match.”

Ruotolo goes on to jokingly state his moms concerns: “My Mom was like, ‘Kade, why are you training MMA so much? You’ve got No-Gi coming up!’

“I was like ‘I love it! It’s hard!’ So I definitely want my MMA coming up by the end of this year for sure.”

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