Tinie Tempah Competes at Grappling Industries

Tinie getting promoted to blue belt at REORG from Roger Gracie black belt, Carlos Santos.

One of Britain’s most successful rappers, Tinie Tempah was recently spotted competing at a jiu jitsu tournament last weekend.

We are seeing more and more celebrities joining the jiu jitsu realm and now more and more are stepping on to the competition mats such as British actor Tom Hardy and his teammate Tinie Tempah. Tinie was recently spotted at Grappling Industries on the weekend competing in the Gi with his blue belt tied around his waist.

Tinie Tempah (real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu) is a rapper from London who is best known for his number one hit in 2010 ‘Pass Out’ which sky rocketed him to stardom, leading him to win many prestigious awards later on in his career such as: MOBO’s, Brit Awards, and Ivor Novello awards. The rapper was promoted to blue belt from 2nd Degree black belt Carlos Santos in March 2022.

Tinie Tempah and Tom Hardy rolling together a few years back; both wearing white belts.

Talking with jiu jitsu charity REORG about his experience with BJJ, the British rapper goes on to say: “Music is still the focus of my career of course, but trying things outside my comfort zone is very important for me. Life is busy, but it’s all about balance. I still enjoy a night out, but I have a little girl now, so I am enjoying things being a bit calmer. And being able to train jiu-jitsu, with a load of people fighting for the same thing, is a really great way to help keep me sane and grounded.”

Watch a small snippet of Tinie competing at Grappling Industries here, the post was captioned:

“Tinie Tempah left it all on the mats last weekend at @grapplingindustries! Got to respect @tiniegram for putting himself out there at one of the biggest competitive events in the UK this year. Keep it up dude! 👊 “

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