Video: Craig Jones and Joao Miyao use the pit wall to score submissions at Pit Submission Series 2

Watch video of Craig Jones and Joao Miyao winning by submission at Karate Combat’s Pit Submission Series 2.

Karate Combat held the second iteration of its Pit Submission Series on Friday, February 23, live from Mexico City.

In addition to the typical slate of striking-only contests, the event featured a pair of grappling matches that saw established, elite jiu-jitsu athletes taking on top-flight MMA fighters. 

Two-time ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones took on UFC welterweight Philip Rowe, and gi and no-gi IBJJF world champion Joao Miyao squared off with UFC bantamweight contender Ricky Simon.

Both Jones and Miyao picked up impressive submission victories. Notably, each grappler used the pit wall – the slanted and elevated surface around the outside of Karate Combat’s pit – to secure the finish.

Watch those matches below.

Predictably, Miyao immediately sat to guard in his matchup against the talented wrestler Simon. From there, he was able to pull his foe into his closed guard. Rather than standing up out of the guard, Simon moved Miyao to the pit wall where Miyao was able to create a leg entanglement from K-guard before quickly securing the inside heel hook finish.

Later in the night (at 1:50:00 in the video above), Jones made quick work of Rowe. The B-Team representative used a two-on-one grip to push Rowe into the pit wall where he quickly jumped into a triangle choke, securing the tap just seconds later.

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