ADCC Head Organizer Says Robert Drysdale Had Fixed Matches in 2007, Gordon Ryan Weighs In

Robert Drysdale has found himself attached to some serious allegations. Recently, ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim stated that Drysdale engaged in fixed matches during the 2007 ADCCs in which Drysdale won the absolute title. One particular match involves Andre Galvao, who admitted to competing in a fixed match against Drysdale. For his part, Drysdale has denied the allegations.

“It’s no secret that Drysdale & two others coordinated & did fixed matches which allowed Drysdale to go into the finals fresh against Marcelo [Garcia],” said ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim.

At the 2007 ADCCs, Drysdale defeated Luiz Big Mac, David Avellan, Galvoa and Garcia to claim the absolute title; it’s Drysdale’s semifinal match against Galvao that has come under scrutiny, with Galvao seemingly admitting to match fixing because, at the time, he was one of Drysdale’s teammates.

Naturally, Gordon Ryan weighed in (scroll to the second slide above to see Ryan’s comment and Galvao’s response). Ryan posted to his own social media about the controversy, and included footage of the match in question.

“Why do you keep admitting that your fight at adcc was fake?” Ryan wrote on Instagram.

“Because it was. I fought a teammate!” responded Galvao.

Importantly, Drysdale has denied the allegations against him.

“I didnt fix anything (trust me i didnt need to… those who know, know…). Andre speaks for himself. I walked in there to win and i won. Whatever andre did or didnt do i have nothing to do with. Funny that the loser of the match would say that… i wonder why…,” Drysdale commented on Instagram.

There’s plenty to unpack here, but in short: Andre Galvao admitted to a fixed match against Robert Drysdale in the semifinals of the ADCC absolute division. That allegation has been repeated publicly by current ADCC head organizer, Mo Jassim. Drysdale continues to deny any participation in match fixing.

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