Evolve Ur Game Announces Full 8-Man Tournament, Multiple World Champions Included

Last week, Evolve Ur Game (EUG) promotions announced an eight-man grappling tournament scheduled for April 3 with a $10,000 winner-take-all cash prize on the table. The promotions has now announced all of the tournament participants.

Here’s the complete roster for the EUG tournament:

Matheus Gabriel: A Checkmat representative, Gabriel was an IBJJF world champion as a brown belt in both gi and no-gi. In 2019, he won the IBJJF worlds and Pans as a black belt.

Thiago Macedo: Macedo has been an active black belt competitor for over five years, competing in numerous IBJJF tournaments. He was a 2020 Pans champion and hold recent wins over fellow tournament competitors Matheus Gabriel and Gianni Grippo.

Gianni Grippo: A black belt under Marcelo Garcia, Grippo has been an elite black belt competitor since 2014. He is well-known for his advanced berimbolo game, and has ample black belt accomplishments. He was a 2018 IBJJF world champion and is a multiple-time Pans gi and no-gi champion.

Marcio Andre: Along with Grippo, Andre is one of the most seasoned black-belt competitors in the field. He is an IBJJF no-gi world champion and a multiple-time European Open champion.

Isaac Doederlein: Doederlein is a black belt under Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. He is a 2020 IBJJF European Open champion.

Jamil Hill-Taylor: Representing Team Lloyd Irvin, Hill-Taylor is a 2018 IBJJF world champion. He holds 2019 wins over fellow tournament participants Macedo and Doederlein.

Jonatha Alves: One of the fresher black belt competitors, Alves is a black belt under Guilherme Mendes and is an IBJJF Pans champion.

Andy Muraski: Muraski was given his black belt from Andre Galvao in late 2020, but is one of the more promising young competitors on the scene. He was a weight and absolute Pans champion as a brown belt.

Ben Coate

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