Chad Fields defeats Tom DeBlass at Fight 2 Win 157. Here’s the play by play.

Chad Kodiak Fields defeated Tom DeBlass tonight (Nov 14th) at Fight 2 Win in Philadelphia. He earned a unanimous decision win over DeBlass in an eight minute match that had no near submissions, but earned him the super heavyweight championship. 

In the co-main event, Vagner Rocha defeated Gabriel Almeida via inside heel hook in what was probably the most exciting bout of the night. You can read the play by play of the main and co-main events below.

Tom DeBlass vs Chad Fields

DeBlass is looking for a collar tie and pushing forward and being aggressive. Deblass sits to open half guard. He is looking to isolate an arm but Fields is staying strong and keeping good posture with his hips away. DeBlass is in half guard now and trying to control the wrists. Fields is in a squat stance and remaining strong. DeBlass switches to butterfly guard and looks to get under the legs of Fields. 

DeBlass gets back to his feet and they are both in collar ties looking for a take down. DeBlass drops to a knee and Fields pushes him back forcing his way into the full guard of DeBlass. Four minutes to go in the match. DeBlass is back in a half butterfly guard. Fields is driving his head forward and stopping DeBlass from getting under him. DeBlass is back to a closed guard now. Fields tries to open the guard and deblass gets back to his feet. 

Two minutes left. DeBlass is trying to snap down the head of Fields and is looking for a takedown. He takes a knee and hits a shot but Fields sprawls and DeBlass falls back to the closed guard. DeBlass opens and Fields is trying to knee cut. DeBlass gets to half guard and looks to control the wrists. Fields is staying tight to the hips and remaining low. 

Time runs out and we are going to a judge’s decision with no close submissions. The judges score it a unanimous decision win for Fields and he is the new super heavyweight champion.

Vagner Rocha vs Gabriel Almeida

Almeida is looking for underhooks but Rocha drops to a leg lock. Almeida looks for a leg lock of his own. Rocha finds a toe hold and forces Almeida to scramble up to his feet. Now they are both looking for underhooks to set up a takedown. Almeida is pushing forward. Rocha is trying to break Almeida’s grips. 

Almeida sits to his butt. Rocha steps a leg inside for a knee cut. Almeida traps an ankle and is looking for a sweep but Rocha is doing a good job staying on top. Almeida inverts and Rocha backs away. Rocha tries to knee slide pass through Almeida’s guard but Almeida locks his leg and inverts. Almeida almost gets a sweep but Rocha recovers. 

They reset to their feet. Nice knee pick takedown by Rocha. Almeida is trying a De La Riva and looking to invert. Rocha is doing a good job not getting swept and they are both back to their feet. Two and a half minutes remain. Both are looking for a takedown again. 

Almeida shoots and gets a single leg. Rocha is on one leg, hopping trying to stay up. Almeida instead drops to a leg lock. Rocha is defending and now sits down and they are in 50/50. Both are looking to unlock the leg for a heel hook. Rocha finds an opening and explodes on the inside heel hook finish and gets the tap. Rocha defeats Almeida via inside heel hook. Exciting match by the two black belts. 

Josh Clopton

Josh Clopton is a UFC veteran and Jiu Jitsu black belt. In 2005 he left his job in Tulsa, Okla. and moved to San Francisco to pursue fighting. While trying to break into the UFC, he worked on a commercial crab fishing boat to make ends meet. Josh earned his black belt under Jake Shields in 2016 and now helps train other fighters and has been the chief cornerman in over 20 UFC fights. He teaches at El Nino Training Center and also for companies such as Google, YouTube and LinkedIn. He is an avid reader, writer and outdoorsman.

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